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Friday, May 20, 2011

Self-sustained and Beneficial Living ~Guest Post


Ryan Halston

As time goes on, the choice to go “green” in overall lifestyle continues to become more and more popular. A large goal that remains consistent is to develop a lifestyle catered toward living without using up natural resources. The goal to live in an efficient manner has immensely positive connotations toward the environment, and can provide multiple benefits on an individual level as well.

Self-sustenance advocates a life in search of happiness free of material dependency. It highlights a more genuine happiness that is provided by things that aren’t purchased, and family values often see a major rise when adapting to a self-sustaining lifestyle. Casting out the quest for material things to increase happiness, concentration is then focused more on the important things in life.

Generally, the primary reason people make the choice to live self-sufficiently are the financial benefits. The school of thought behind this is that the less one needs, the less one needs to purchase. In cutting down this consumption, there will be less money spent on both material items, as well as things that may be unnecessary.
Making the greener choice is also a great way to take advantage of a multitude of nutritional benefits that self-sufficient living provides. Growing your own crops, fruits, and veggies can help immensely in living simple and self-sustained. This can help to cut costs, as well as prevent pesticides and other chemical influences on the food being ingested. There have been multiple cases in the past of chemicals, pesticides, nitrosamines and even asbestos exposure.

Taking even small steps towards simplifying individual lifestyles can help make strides toward reducing over consumption and over-usage; reducing pollution and other environmental dangers. Spreading general knowledge and the benefits of this lifestyle hopefully will continue to make it more popular throughout the future. These recent trends towards going green, and taking part in simple and sustainable lifestyles are becoming more and more popular and with good reason. There’s so many benefits that it’s hard to not at least make an attempt to try some of the methods and ways of life that positive contribute towards the environment. With the rising trends of over-consumption in the not-too-distant past, the change towards self-sufficient simplicity is a gladly received movement.


Thank you for your post Ryan.


Katy said...

I agree! If our government were smart they would lead this example to the people and stop wasting money and furthering the country's debt! Thanks for the great article, Ryan!

Phelan said...

My disclaimer in all this is that, as many of my readers know, am not green. I am selfish. The green movement bothers me for various reasons. Homesteading and being self sustained is a great thing for those that do it for the right reasons and are prepared for the struggle.

There is no easy solution to anything, and people going green and thinking that homesteading will be the best thing without doing their research soon find themselves neck deep in death, pain and tears.

Bob from Athens said...

What I find interesting is all the "green experts" that have "discovered" all these new ways of doing things are just repeating what my grandparents and great grandparents taught me. When are they going to come up with something actually new and original. Back in grandparents time they didn't have all these chemicals to make things grow and to kill bugs, yet they were able to feed their families every year no matter what the circumstances.
How do I "go green" when i've been doing most of that all my life. I like to watch some of the TV shows and read articles about going green mainly to see how big a fool they can sometimes be!

Phelan said...

Very true Bob.

However Ryan's post is a good discussion point. He thought it out well and argued his point. Just the wrong venue. But many people make that mistake, and wish to post articles about being green. I reject many of the offers. But I liked Ryan's other posts, and this one should bring in a discussion. With the close to 1,000 people that have read it in the last 2 days, sorry Ryan many of my readers just aren't talkers.

If being green helps people find their calling, I am for it. I just don't trust the pop culture version of it.

Phelan said...

Allow me to amend that, 1,000 people so far have clicked onto the post, I do not include all the different feed readers that my blog passes through. There is so many ones, I lost track years ago.

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