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Friday, May 13, 2011

EO(S) Wild Clover and Wild Mustard Omelettes.

This meal cost me nada.

As with any omelette, the amount of ingredients used is personal choice.

You will need

salt and ground black pepper to taste
farmer's cheese

wild clover flowers
wild clover leaves (pick the young leaves off of plants that have yet to produce flowers)
wild mustard leaves (you can substitute with dandelion leaves)

Get any extra ingredients ready (meats or other chopped veggies, I like mushrooms)

Puree the leaves (a little spinach is good here as well) with just enough milk to blend it well. Leave some chunks for texture.

Saute the clover flowers in a touch of butter and salt (this helps with digestion of the flowers) set aside. (if using mushrooms, add to the pan)

Mix your eggs with the leaf puree. Pour into pan and cook.

Add the remaining ingredients to the top of you omelette before folding.


Eating out (side) a personal challenge

The rules

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