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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down and a (no longer) missing post

If you clicked over to read the EO(S) post (wild clover and wild mustard Omelette) it isn't here. Blogger says they will restore the lost posts soon. If it doesn't come, (sorry to those that weren't impressed by it) I will repost, as I caught it on a feed reader.

You guys got lucky.

It's back


Unknown said...

Wanna know something strange? I read that post( sounded good too!)... now it's gone. Blogger is really messing with folks this time around. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up loosing folks over this latest mess.

Phelan said...

I know. But I have been here for so long and a move would loose readers, or at leas my reader count since only 30 actually read ;)

SkippyMom said...

Sorry, eggs squee me out so I didn't read it. Don't like omelettes. I do like mushrooms tho'. :) I bet it would be good for those that do like eggs.

Blogger is going to be fine I think - it was just a one day glitch. It isn't like we are all saving the world with our words - so we couldn't comment or post for a whole 24 hours. I am sure everyone will get over it.

I have tried Wordpress and didn't like it, so I'll stay, but just back it up in the meantime.

Phelan said...

What do you mean Skippy!?! I am saving the world!

I don't know what you're doing. . .


I don't plan on moving. blogger use to have a lot of problems, but they have fixed most of them. I am not too worried about it happening again. Though I have to fix my pages as they didn't bring that back.

Fine, I will make you something with mushrooms. You've been demanding lately you know :D

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