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Friday, April 15, 2011

What ever happened to NAIS?

They changed the name last year to make it more appealing to the American public. Doesn't the sound of animal disease traceability program make you feel all safe and cozy?

But it look like that it will no longer effect everyone, only those moving animals across State lines.


USDA won't enforce the new program if Congress doesn't fund it, Hammerschmidt told the audience at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture conference. Primarily composed of the animal health industry and state regulators, the institute and its members supported the National Animal Identification System and have advocated that U.S. agriculture needs to have better response systems in place in the case of an outbreak of disease like the recent foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in South Korea.

Most of the components of the animal disease traceability program have already been laid out and won't change: run by the states, cattle and four other species will only need to be identified if they're moving across state lines for commerce. It takes a technology-neutral stance instead of NAIS's emphasis on electronic ID tags. The final rule's release will be followed by a comment period, which could be extended beyond the typical 60-day window, before USDA begins implementing the program.

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1 comment:

Lisa said...

I am thinking...that on April 8th, our so called Government...amost had a shut down because they could not agree on how to fund the budget, good luck to these Bozo's on getting any money out of our almost defunct treasury! They can change the name to anything they want, thanks to vigilant homesteaders and farmers...(people like you, of course)we are all made aware of them and how to defeat them! Thanks for the info, Phelan...

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