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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Much nicer than a serial Killer

Have you been wondering what esp won on the April Fool's give-away? Looks like she received it in the mail and she claims that it is much nicer than a serial Killer.

Honeycomb Candles made by Becca at Rabbit Moon Farm (her esty shop can be found here)

Enjoy them esp!

In other news, my bruises have bruises. So many wonderful projects going on here. And this year we actually have the time.

Husband has bermed the entire north side of the house. I am patiently waiting for him to bury me alive. He so loves his new toy. And I seem to get a very long lap pool out of the ordeal (more like a lap pond)

I finished replanting strawberries. Replacing the patch that was decimated by the goats. I still haven't found a working solution for the rolly polly (pill bug) problem. I keep running into the same thing, "professionals" claiming that these bugs don't eat strawberries unless they are rotting. Too bad these "professionals" don't seem to realize that when a strawberry turns red, it is rotting. I have read a couple suggestions, and so far none have worked. I have to hand pick the bugs and feed them off to my chickens. Makes the hens happy.

The boys thought the pig looked bored, so they gave her a bowling ball to play with. She's now at least content enough that she has stopped throwing her water dish about.

We sold our old tractor. And have scrapped a good amount of items that we could not repurpose. Husband says he will be pickier about what people are allowed to drop off here. That makes me feel a lot better.

We are also having a fire weather warning. Have been for the past 4 days. We aren't on fire as bad as Texas is, but have had our share of prairie fires. And some of the people in my area seem not to understand that they can't burn trash during a burn ban. They seem to think it means that they can't burn brush or their fields, but trash is a-ok. Most of them are new to the country, as we have had a influx of city dwellers moving out here. But still not an excuse. I grew up in the suburbs and know better. I am tempted to call it in, but o far I have merely kept an eye on it, making sure it doesn't catch their fields, then mine on fire. I have already mentioned the burn ban to them, but they have yet to actually listen.


SkippyMom said...

A pig with a bowling ball.

I am pretty sure my whole day has just been made.

No, Phelan, it doesn't take much. giggle

Donna said...

If you have access to wood ashes, that might help. I know wood ashes will keep bugs off early green beans.

Rivenfae said...

I bet that pig loves that bowling ball, must be kinda cute!

HermitJim said...

The two images I'll have in my head all day is hubby trying to bury you with the new front loader...and the pig running back and forth in the pen, pushing the bowling ball in front of him!

You just made my day!

Tess said...


I'm having the same pill bug problem with my potato plants. I checked on the plants yesterday and found mounds and mounds of pill bugs pleasantly eating away at the green tops. If you find a solution, share it with us! I would love to know it.


Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Going to have to try the bowling ball thing with our three piggies. We've been getting rid of a lot of "stuff" here too, but unfortunately I can't blame hubby for that.

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