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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Smoked Meats

I am not the one smoking the lamb nor the turkey, and am a little freaked out about it. Neighbor across the ways son is doing it. He has this huge smoker that he goes around to businesses with. He offered to smoke the meats, and Husband agreed. But now there is mention of cutting the turkey in half to fit in with all the other meats. Um. . . NO!

How dry does he want this meat to be? I will not allow it t be hacked up. Told Husband that I will roast the thing myself. I can't do dry turkey. We will see what has been decided.

Have no clue on the seasoning he uses. I did tell him however it needs to be mild as the sauce are clean and there will be no gravy to smother anything. No to dry, and no to obscene seasonings. AM I being too picky? I hope so.

Husband freaked me out. I am getting over the flu, and at the peak of it, Husband woke me and said something about butcher this Thursday. I asked him why. He said it has to age a bit. I said not that long. "But your to do is this weekend." Now see me jump out of bed, fighting nausea and painful joint and skin. See the sweat of not only the fever but overwhelming panic glisten on my brow. See me utilize modern technology to access the calendar on my cell phone. "2 weeks my dear." He looked at me and said "well that makes me feel better. Was getting stressed about it only being a week out."


Rivenfae said...

I have been told by people around by me 2 weeks is a correct "sitting" time after butchering the meat. However, you need to have a good place to keep it cool during that whole time

Phelan said...

48 hours is sufficient to allow meat to sit. We hang cows for 5 days. If you have temp control building then you can hang longer.

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