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Saturday, September 04, 2010

One for the Are you Kidding me File

First off a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Medium and Wallene!

Yesterday I was making cupcakes for Medium's school party when the phone rang. "your horse is stupid" Came the voice of good neighbor "bring a lead rope, she's hung up in the fence." I grabbed the pink lead rope that good neighbor had first brought her over in and walked to his house. He was standing next to the fence petting and cursing Sam. I was expecting a leg through the fence like she has done twice before. Instead what I found was half her body over the fence and one rear hoof tangled in the fencing. "You're Kidding me Sam!" I exclaimed. Good neighbor shook his head at me. Bad Dog neighbor stood outside with his dog watching us.

Good neighbor didn't want to cut the horse fence, I suggested cutting the wire that secured it to the post and pushing the fence down, as I had to do with her last time. So we worked on it, and a few moments later Sam was free. Good neighbor told me that he has a shot gun for her. I laughed. Good neighbor gave me Sam because she threw him. I have not had a problem with her, except for this fence thing. As soon as we were finished Bad Dog neighbor walked over with wire cutters, saying "guess I was too late." But as he was walking over Good Neighbor mumbled, "of course when all the work is over he comes." I bit my lip in a smile.

I lead Sam home and tied her. Finished my cupcakes and went to see Medium. Turns out Medium is a head taller than all the kids in his class! I knew my boys were big, but didn't realize monstrous!

Home again, then Husband came home. We walked out to the garden chatting when Uma came running through the ditch next to the road. She was out of Good Neighbor's field! All together now "Are you kidding me!?!"

I ran into the house and grabbed the coffee can o' cookies and went to the road. I called "Yup yup" Uma looked at me then ran across the road to Bad Dog neighbor's. I yelled for Large as Husband jumped the fence. It is Husband's cow. Large came running and I gave him the bucket. I didn't have shoes on. I ran in to get them and another bucket to bring in the cows that were still in Good neighbor's field. There was little need for that, because they had all heard the yup yup and came home on their own. As I went back out, Large had gotten Uma back into our yard, Husband was laughing.

Turns out that Uma did to Large what all the cows do to me. Came running, skipping and clicking heels together high in the air as fast as possible, then suddenly slams on the brakes just before hitting you. Large has never been on the receiving end of this treatment and had flinched as though he was about to get trampled. I laughed and told him just wait until you have all of them coming at you like that. I have yet to get run down.

This morning I have to go out and check fencing and re-secure everything before the cows can be let out.

We had dinner and I went to read for a bit. All the boys and husband were passed out on the couches in the living room, I in my own bed. Buckets began to bark the intruder alert. I sat there a moment listening. Then I heard a man's voice scold Buckets. I grabbed the rifle and ran into the living room. "Husband! Husband!" he sleeps like the dead "HUSBAND!" told him someone was out there. I took the rifle and went hunting. I am sure they heard me yelling at husband and left quickly. But I searched, rifle ready. I didn't find them. I told Husband next time I am not waking him, but just heading out. He didn't like the idea but understood that he isn't easy to wake.

So how was your Friday?


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I'm surprised your neighbors don't get angrier with all the animals getting loose! :)

Phelan said...

It isn't something that happens often here. I will fix good neighbor's fence. It has been several years since anyone escaped the homestead (the other time it was at the farmstead) They understand it happens sometimes, as they have all had animals escape one time or another.

SkippyMom said...

"Your horse is stupid." Bwahaha! I love that. Sorry about the misfortune - but glad you have good neighbors. :)

Please tell Medium we wish him a very happy birthday.

City Sister said...

I think my Friday was a bit better...hope you have a better time with the animals, we have an excaping barred rock hen...a bit less distructive than a horse or cow.

Donna said...

An electric fence would fix the "getting-out" problem.

Jennifer said...

Glad the horse wasn't hurt. I had an old mare that used to paw at the fence and would get her front hoof through it all the time. She was smart enough to just stand there and not fight it so she never got hurt. I don't know why she wasn't smart enough to just not do it in the first place. LOL.

Rivenfae said...

My Friday was a tad bit easier than yours, I only blew a tank of gas running around looking for a good portable building for us to use.

Lamb said...

Oh,the joys of farm life! LOL! Glad the dog alerted you to an intruder...Good Dog! I love the description of the cows doing the *run like crazy then slam on the brakes maneuver*! I have seen whole herds do that...50 to 100 at a time. Rather disconcerting if you don't know what is happening!

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