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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She didn't try to kill me this time

This weekend my mother and I went to Fort Scott Kansas. My brother turned into an old man, so we decided to drive up to see him. It's all down hill after 25 little bro!

It is close to a 3 hour drive. Through the Flint hills. Saw caged tigers next to a mobile home outside of a town called Gas. Discovered that Yates Center has a monthly bike ride and breakfast at the VFW, and that my mother's taste in music is more eclectic than mine. My brother and his girl have a nice little house. I enjoyed myself.

Bob, you have won the book, send me an email if you will. If you have yet to check out Bob's blog, you really should. He has an interesting story.

One of my readers let me know that the EPA has said Never mind about banning tradition lead ammo. Glad they finally make some sense.

Not sure what I am doing today. If you want me to talk about something specific for tomorrow, please ask.


SkippyMom said...

What are the boys up to? Have they gone back to schooling? Found anymore snakes or damned up a creek? :)

How about your stores for winter - got anything good put up?

Basically you can talk about anything, I'll come back ;)

Lamb said...

My mothers driving gave all her kids gray hair before she had it!
Did you get my email addy I posted on the book giveaway post? My computer won't let me email you through blogger for some reason.

Bob said...

Hey Phelan, First time I've won anything that I can remember, but I can't remember a lot of stuff. My email is

You've got some clout by the way, anytime you mention me I get a big spike in visitors.

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