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Monday, June 07, 2010


I sat up in bed at 4am. What was that? I thought, storm? that's when my curtains in my bedroom flung in and wind engulfed my room. I jumped out of bed and closed the window. Medium ad Husband were outside in the hammock sleeping. Small had came in a few hours earlier. I hurried into the living room, when the power went out. It flickered and came back on, just as Medium was walking into the house. The rain had yet to begin falling.

One of the local farmers was outside behind the neighbor across the ways house, baling the cut prairie hay at 4 am, before the rain hit. I had noticed that the trunk to our car was wide opened, as was our widows. I grabbed the keys from husband as he stood there groggy, and closed everything up. I ran to double check the gates, to make sure they were secure. And as I walked away 60mh wind slammed against my body. I yelled Are you serious, then cursed as I almost fell to my knees. Pebbles stung my back as the wind whipped them into a frenzy. I carefully made my way to the back of the house and grabbed the tarp to cover the small chickens cage and coop, this was their first time outside over night, and their first storm.

I wasn't sure how to hold the tarp down, luckily the house was giving me cover from the wind. Husband had me grab the boys little red wagon to hold it down. Then we ran inside just as the first of the rain drops fell to the earth. I slumped down into the couch, tired because I had only slept an hour before the tractor or thunder woke me. I watched the flashes of light through the widow. The turkeys stood onto of the older chickens cage, I watched as they stood, breast out, to face the oncoming storm. They lifted their chins nobel as if to say that if they were to die, they would do so stoically.

The storm passed and I went to make sure everything was ok. Then with a dramatic background of cloud to cloud lightning, I sat in the barn with Urth's Umbra. But that is another story.

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