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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

a mystery on our hands

We found one of our turkeys dead this morning. She only had a couple of puncture wounds on her back. This leads me to believe that a puppy had something to do with the death.

Sprocket (our 2 year old hound Shepard mix) avoids the turkeys like the plaque. As they have shown her that a peck to the eyeball hurts a bit. Buckets (our 5 year old Staffordshire) hates the rain and would have been hiding somewhere all night long.

In summation, I believe that the bad neighbors dogs have once again penetrated our defenses and was running amok in our yard last night.

It's bad enough to wake up with yet another migraine, but to be ticked off as well. . .

a mystery indeed. Could have been our dogs or bad neighbors.

edited to add, just found out some one threw a brick threw another neighbors window.


SkippyMom said...

Sorry to hear about the turkey Phelan - I abhor people that let their dogs run loose - farmland or city - tie the darn things up.

Was the turkey large enough to clean and keep or isn't it dangerous to do that because it was attacked by a dog? And why wouldn't the dog leave with it?

Hope you find out who did it and they don't do it again.

small farm girl said...

We have had turkeys and chickens killed by Red tail hawks or large owls. They leave holes in the backs of the birds. They think they can carry them away until they realize that they are too big to carry. I have actually seen an owl do this.

Kelle said...

I agree with SFG, an owl would be my thoughts, they'll try to take them, but often can't carry them.
We had a bald eagle take a full grown turkey( 20-25lbs.) during the daytime, when they were free ranging
Sorry for the loss :o(

Art Blomquist said...

Sorry about the Turkey. We live in an area that has abundant bald eagles. Sometimes we can count a dozen at the road-kill pit on our road. That's the reason we don't have free range chickens but keep them in tractor or pens.

Always trouble when a brick passes through glass..

Amy Manning said...

I recently went through mysteries of my own livestock dying. Figured out after several months a raccoon was the culprit. And, after that, my puppy developed a taste for my livestock. My old shepherd could care less!

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