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Monday, February 22, 2010

Listening to the Turkeys sing

I went to our local farm store yesterday to buy a Skil saw. They had baby chicks out. And I noticed that there was a few bronze turkeys available.

Remember that 42 lbs dressed out turkey we had a few years ago? This is the same place I bought him.

There wasn't a sign proclaiming how much they were. But from the past, I knew that they were around $5 a piece. I told the part-timer that I would take all 8 of the turkeys they had left. He scooped them up and realized there was no price. He asked the guy that was cleaning the brooders. I had thought the guy had said $3.59 a piece, but the part-timer wrote down $2.59 a piece. ~giggle fit of pleasure~.

I took my feed, Skil saw and turkeys to the counter. The lady asked me what I had, I told her, and she scanned it out of a book. The price came up to over $6 a bird. Heart sinks right about now, but they had a sale price of a little over $5 a bird. Now I was disappointed. But if that was the real price. . . Wait! I mentioned to the lady what the guys wrote down on the box and pointed it out. She was a little confused, then said that she didn't know if she could refund it because it was livestock (no return policy) I shrugged and said, that's ok.

her: you sure?
me: yes.
her: wait, let's try it.

I saved $30. She got me the refund and I paid $2.59 a bird. ~giggle fit of pleasure~

So this morning I woke to the sounds of turkeys singing to me. And I like it.


Rivenfae said...

Congrats on the save with the turkeys I hope they grow really big for the table. :) Wish I could save money like that.

Phelan said...

I hope they do to, but I am also hoping to find a good breeding pair as well. And to be honest, I was shocked that I got the discount. But they are true to their word.

Rivenfae said...

Well, it just means they believe in "truth in advertising" lol

Anonymous said...

Love it when goodness works out. it's nice to get a break every now and again. =)

HermitJim said...

Hey, That's a good deal on the turkeys! Congrats! I'm happy for ya...

Hope they all do well around the home place!

Rainbow Rivers said...

Great saving on the turkeys! Not sure if you are aware or not but just to let you know if they are broad breasted bronze turkeys they have to be artifically inseminated. When we messed with the birds and came up with a turkey with broad breasts and shorter legs, they were rendered unable to naturally reproduce.

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