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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Depression Gift; Stitches

It is now a well established fact that I can't sew. Nor can I knit or crochet. I can do some pretty cool stuff with metal wire however, and we will get to that later. I can also tat a bit. But I know that some of you out there can and do these this.

Cristine from over at the Treasure Goddess blog left a comment about what she is making for Christmas. I love wrist warmers.

CO 40 stitches, join in the round.
k1, p1 rib for 4 rounds
k3, p1 every round for 5-6 inches from start, then go back and forth (no longer in the round, leaving an opening) still in the K3, P1 pattern (when you go back on the wrong side you're K1, P3 --knit the knits and purl the purls)
knit & purl in pattern back & forth for 12 rows, then go back to knitting tbe pattern in the round for 6 rows.
K1P1 for 4-6 rows and bind off.

(It's actually easier than it sounds).

A few years back, before anyone knew I was here, a friend, JennyO wrote a great article for me on knitting

The first thing she ever made


you can read her article was back in the neophyte vault, here, Guest Blogger; The Neophyte Knitter.


Unknown said...

I made you a pair of wrist warmers last year: they're still sitting in the sitting room.... Could you email me an address whither I can send them please :)
killimengri at

Eriki said...,4

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