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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Honky Fell to Her Knees

I have incredible news, someone informed me that I was a honky and involved in an incestuous relationship with my sister. Can you believe it!?! I have a sister! I never knew.

Yesterday, with my favorite coffee cup in one hand my new lap top in the other, I stepped off the last step of my deck only to discover that my right ankle had mysteriously disappeared. Bam! down on my knees onto the concrete sidewalk. I suddenly had a split second to make a decision, would I loose all my precious coffee and my favorite coffee cup by breaking it to break my fall, or do I sacrifice the laptop that I still have to pay my boss back for. All I wanted was to work outside on such a beautiful fall day. My decision was quickly made, I would sacrifice neither. It was a balancing act, but a managed not to fall forward as my body was so determined to do, instead I bloody kneed it off the concrete in quickly small baby steps until I reached the mud. As a sank into the cold watery ground, I had no choice to sacrifice my coffee. The mud saved my mug however, and the coffee had become too cool for sufficient enjoyment by that time anyway. Of course the cattle were no help, couldn't even offer me a hand up.

Thank you for your walnut suggestions yesterday. The decorating a couple of them might just turn out to be a wonderful idea come winter and the boys and I are trapped in the house. Some of the walnuts still need to be dried out, as all of them still have their fleshy green outer layer. I so do love a good walnut. These are black walnuts, I like baking with them, and eating the English ones raw. There are so many delicious things to make with walnuts, I could share the recipes with you if you like. It gives me something not to complain about, ha! But I bet you anything I could make it sound like one big gritch. oh, that might be fun now that I think about it, a spiteful gritching recipe about walnuts. oh oh in incestuous honky format! I love trying out new genres.

Winston's horns are rather interesting, it is as though his left one was broken. It is shorter than the right side and not rounded. It isn't infected and shouldn't cause any discomfort, but I wonder if he will be walking the fields in a perpetual right turn. Now that would cause the neighborhood to talk. ""what on Earth is wrong with that bull?" "Think he was touched in the head?" oh ho, hurts my side just thinking about it. ~shaking head~ The things I find humor in lately. Can't you just picture the good ole boys, chewing tobacco lumping their bottom lip, knee turned out and leaning over the field fencing have deep conversations about my bull? Wait, insert my husband and you would have the scene the other day. I was giggling, it was just too cute.

Good neighbor calls what Hooter's birds had, "the greens." For some reason I thought coccidia was bacterial, but no, it is a parasite. I knew it was bad and what to look for if anyone was infected, but had not done all the research. I informed all the neighbors that have birds as it can be carried by other animals, and since we have a fox, several possums, raccoons and skunks that share our fields, I thought it would be awfully nice of me to give people the heads up. Not to mention responsible.The remaining birds are all doing very well., fingers crossed that this batch will not suddenly disappear, get eaten or find another parasite. My luck with chickens hasn't been the greatest lately. It was getting to the point where I thought someone was telling me I really shouldn't be messing with chickens. But we have moved the coop to where the dogs can guard it. Everything has been severely disinfected, and they are so far thriving.

Speaking of stealing, I was informed that there is some illegal horse racing going on in the area.

In 1 1/2 weeks our homestead anniversary of 8 years will be happening. Wow! That long. We should celebrate. How 'bout it, up for a party?


Meadowlark said...

Always up for a hoe-down. And hope you heal up, sounds like quite a spill. Hurray for saving the cup.

And keep your cup handy, I'm going to do a post and a flickr set so everyone can post photos of their favorite coffee cups.


HermitJim said...

Sorry about the lost coffee...but happy about the saved cup! A favorite cup is hard to do without, for some reason!

I do hope that the knee won't be too sore, though!

Phelan said...

The knees are rather well, thank you. It wasn't any nastier than falling off a skateboard back in the day.

Kate said...

Sorry to hear of your bloodied knees.

Why does your neighbor call it "the greens?" Is it something to do with the manure? Green poop a symptom of coccidia? We have four new pullets/hens, just about ready to start laying. One was walking strangely today (kinda squat-y like, though she can stand up tall when she wants to) and I wonder if she's ill or if she just feels the urge to lay but hasn't quite figured out how that works yet. Guess I'll find out. But I'll be ticked if I just paid good money for diseased birds.

jenniferjuniper said...

I'm a mosaic artist, so breaking my favorite cup just means it's gonna be an art project! No, seriously, my daughter's school went green and each child had to bring a coffee mug to drink out of. This little boy in her class broke his favorite mug. It was very sentimental to him. You should have seen the look on his face when I gave it back to him mosaicked onto a planter for him. Now that everyone knows this, you wouldn;t believe some of the stuff that comes in the mail to me. No really, very very glad you didn;t break the favorite mug, but if you had, it's relly all in how you look at these things. Smiles to you. I enjoy the blog.

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