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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Say it. Say it loud, say it fast, say it slow, say it soft. That was fun, I know I enjoyed it.

Prik-E-gnu isn't a common talked about pepper, go ahead, you can go search for it, you won't get too many hits back.

It's a small pepper, the pods growing upside down, they are bright red and only grow 1-3 inches in length. But these little suckers give you quite the punch. They are a Thia blistering pepper, and earn that title easily. Early this summer, while this peppers were still green, Good neighbor tried one out. He loves the hot, yet his ears teared up with the spice the was generated by these unripened tidbits.

So what is the point in growing this blistering pepper, for starters it's great fun watching your macho friends cry when they bite into them, that'll teach 'em. Another is that this is all the pepper you'll need for anything that requires some spice. Harvesting this compact plant at different times of ripening will give you your mild, to medium, to hot! all off one plant that produces hundreds of small peppers. I dry mine and grind into a powder to add to my thai foods, Mexican, Creole or just 'cuz.


HappyHermit said...

I use ground up peppers to keep critters out the garden. My husband hates spice and I like it.

fullfreezer said...

His EARS teared up??? Man, that must be some pepper!!!
We grew some obscene little Peter, Red peppers this summer- seedlings that were a gift from a friend and they pack quite a punch as well. We all LOVE the hot stuff!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

ot sure I could live with just one kind of chile in my pantry. Grew a medium hot red this year ("Alcalde") but can't live well without a roasted "Chimayo" style powder or good old New Mexico green. Next year it'll be a different hot red and some NM 1-0.

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