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Monday, August 03, 2009

Shearing Donkey

I went over to my mother's Saturday night and watched the movie M. An incredible film. I have always thought Peter Lorre was a great actor, and this just re-enforced the idea. I can't do youtube on my computer, but if you can, here is a fantastic scene from the movie. If you get a chance to see the entire movie, go for it. M was smuggled out of Germany in the 1930's, it also contains a bit a cursing, much more than what we were doing at the time. Cursing in American films didn't begin until the 1970's. The movie is in German, but has subtitles.

When I got to mom's, she was watching the Angel 2 Network. I have never seen it before, but then again I don't have satellite. It was the Art of Breadmaking. The hosts where Hannah and Ceecee. It was on a homestead, so I found it fascinating. We watched for a bit. Personally I didn't care for some of their recipes, but I am sure they were good, just a bit more complicated then I would do. It could have been my on the show, the only difference was they didn't have Korn, or Death blaring in the background. It was produced by Franklin Springs.

I have noticed a huge upswing in people coming by. They seem to be all looking for info on How to Water Bath Can Green beans. I forgot about the little argument I had with a commenter.

Yesterday husband and I sheared Donkey. Those of you that don't know, Donkey is our sheep. You can read about how we came about getting and naming Donkey in a series of posts called The Quest for the Demon Donkey.

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As I was saying, we sheared him for the late summer. Usually it gets so hot here in August that we just melt, but we broke record lows here yesterday. Didn't I mention something about summer not coming to certain parts of the US this year? I digress, husband broke out his mad lassoing skills. Donkey just wasn't cooperating yesterday. Most of the time he will come right up to you for a little scratch and a treat, but he is a smart one, and knew from the look in our eyes that we were up to something. Husband got him lassoed, and he pulled while I pushed. He isn't a small little lamb ya know.

Once in the barn, it was a matter of flipping him. Once on his back, he is very passive. He definitely gets tense when you shear the wool around his neck, but do you blame him? I know I would freak. He must have got caught up on a fence at some point, the wound is now healed, but he lost a chunk of skin on his belly, now has a scar where no hair will grow.

It took us 4 hours to hand shear him. We have not gotten any faster. But Medium got to try his hand at it. If we can get him to practice maybe he will be as fast as those Aussies on TV get. They do it in what, 10 seconds? I know you have seen the shows, where they have the contests. Even when you aren't a homesteader, it sure is fascinating stuff.

Right now I can hear husband and medium talking in the bedroom. Husband is telling Medium how blood vessels work. Medium is an interesting little guy, his interest are varied. He will grow up to be a snake breeding, homesteading Doctor if he keeps this up.

Looks like on the name game, Winston is in the lead. 4 days left to vote.

1 comment:

HermitJim said...

Glad the name Winston is in the lead! I voted for it and for some reason I like it!

Interesting post about shearing...I keep forgetting that the sheep's name is Donkey, so the title caught my attention!

Ya got me!!

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