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Thursday, July 02, 2009

We need some Craic around here

I was going to take some photos of my garden, as i know how much you guys love that stuff. Camera went dead after I took one sorry photo of a single pepper growing on a pepper plant.

So my whoring for Farm Aid begins today. Those of you that are new to this, it goes by the name, Blogathon.

What is blogathon you might ask
. Blogathon is a day when 100's of bloggers stay up blogging for 24 hours straight, posting every 30 minutes to raise money for the charity of their choice. I always choose Farm Aid. This year it starts on July 25th at 6am pacific time.

Click badge to see the Farm Aid site.

More than every Farm Aid needs our help. So many farmers are losing their land because of financial and legal issues, and Farm Aid helps them with their fight. Keeping family farms in the family. Besides, who doesn't love Willie?

So how does this work? It's a lot like a walk-a-thon. You go over to the blog-a-thon website and choose a blogger to sponsor. Different blogs have different charities, and you pledge so much (any amount you want) to the blogger whose charity speaks to you. The blogger nor blogathon ever sees your money. You only pledge through us. After the blogathon it is up to you to go to that charity and donate.

And I have incentives. For those that pledge, you will be placed into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate for Outer Sports, or for 2 longabeger baskets from Melissa's Ramblings, or a Stun Gun from American Preppers Network. There are more incentives on the way, I am currently talking with a very popular magazine about what they wish to donate to the cause, as well as a couple other business. If you are a business or just a fellow blogger that wishes to help out by donating a prize, please email me.

Usually by the time blogathon rolls around we have a pretty good prize donation group( does that make sense?)

If you can't help with prizes or financially, please think about staying up late with me, to cheer me on. Your replies at 3am can really help keep me going. Plus I tend to give out prizes at that time, just to see whose around. You can also help out by linking to my pledge page.

Click the banner to pledge
Make sure you snag the above Farm Aid Badge above when you make your pledge.

Blogathon is my way of giving back the best way I am able. I don't plan on changing the world, but I can make sure that we keep it fed. Thank you, all of you. Not just for helping me on this, but by being here.


Julie said...

Hooray for Farm Aid! They do great work and have some of the neatest shirts too!

I signed up to be your sponsor but I'm afraid it was a very modest donation, the budget is tight around here these days. I'll be sure to check in on you at 3 a.m. and see how it's going! Best of luck!

Phelan said...

Thank you! I haven't heard back from Farm Aid yet, last time they donated a signed shirt and cd to give away here.

Ginnie said...

Hey, Phelan, brava for you! I will be glad to sponsor you, but no promises about 3 a.m. visits. :)

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