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Friday, July 03, 2009

Dancing on ceiling Fans

I ran into town yesterday, and at the corner there was a white and red sign that read "Fireworks are Illegal in this community." What!?! When? We are not under a burn ban, fireworks shouldn't be illegal, they have never been since I have been living out here. Now this puts a huge damper on Fourth of July for us. We base our celebration on (besides the obvious) being able to shoot of fireworks in our driveway.

When I returned, the sign was gone. Now I am really confused. I have no idea if they are legal or not, and I sure don't want that $1,000 fine it was boasting about. Luckily for me I live close to a Sheriff. She is going to find out what's going on. It was suggested that it had something to do with the covenant code out here. I however do not fall under that covenant, as I am 3 owners away from the contract which nullifies it.

Take me break me, tell me a good one, and maybe I'll die.

Today I am thankful. Just watching Mama severely clean her baby boy off brought a few things into perspective.


HermitJim said...

Must not be too illegal if the sheriff doesn't know about it! I would just do what you want...after all the celebrtion IS all about freedom...right?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the musical references....interesting choice too! ;)

Phelan said...

HJim, it could be one of those things they never enforce unless someone complains or there is a fire.

Farm Mom, someone finally got one of my music references! Have I told you I love you? Well I know it sounds strange but it could be the other way. Round to a town where they don't know your name.

granny said...

Know how you feel ! We use to have "Cracker night" here many moons ago.Then the Government stepped in and it was no more!Now you need a permit to let off fire works.They know how to spoil our our fun hey!

April Bourgois said...

After years of living out west it seems strange to think they're legal. Aaahhh the days of watching the mountain burn every year! Couldn't buy so much as a sparkler so now I've got an unending supply in a vase on the table!

Hope it's just some dumb covenants and you get some bang today!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it would be illegal...maybe some kid with a sparkler near a vehicle's gas cap? AND taking a pic of it?
Dean in az

Phelan said...

gas cap is on the other side of vehicle. Gas tank was pulled an in a different vehicle.

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