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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not Ready

A little trivia for you. My oldest just walked in the back door and informed me that "Hobo's are nocturnal." Hobo's? "yes hobo's." Did you just see one? "no".

Winter seems to be creeping in rather quickly this year. We are not ready for it. Usually we have another month before we have to prep. It is not normal for me to be neck deep in canning and needed to winterize the homestead. It is becoming a mad dash of sorts.

Because we have only hit 100 F a handful of times this summer, because the average temperature was barely getting into the 80's F, it has not been warm enough for my sweet potatoes to grow. I am going to attempt growing them in that bathtub we ripped out of the master bath. Turning it into a greenhouse. We shall see how it works.

Now, back to tomatoes and apples.

Hope everyone gets a chance to come up for some air, and take a slight break from canning soon.


MeadowLark said...

OK, I'm taking you to task... of COURSE he didn't see one, wasn't it DAYTIME when he said this ;)

Geeze, everybody knows {say it with me} HOBO'S ARE NOCTURNAL!!! ;)

YoungSon wanted to be a hobo for years... the depression-era stories were his favorite. I made him read a book about a modern-day hobo and he was certainly disillusioned.. Which is a good thing, as we had hoped he wouldn't grow up to be a hobo.

Phelan said...

It was early morning, still dark out. So you ain't calling me out on nuttin'!

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