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Friday, September 12, 2008

Not For Sale!

Saturday was the Region 6 Dexter cattle show and meeting. I was unable to attend due to a poorly scheduled food tasting and craft show, and my son's birthday party. Apparently, The Dexter association had flyers printed out with all the local breeders names and phone numbers on them. So far I have received 2 phone calls from people wanting to come out at look at my ladies and ask questions. The first caller was wanting to buy, I told him I wasn't selling mine, but I knew a local breeder that was. The caller still wants to come out to my homestead and look, and ask more questions about them. I have been informed that I will receive these phone calls through-out the year, either from people that choose my name because I am close to their town, or from people that see my name as a person that will talk to them.

I had no idea that when you became a Dexter owner that you would be responsible for educating the public on your cattle. I don't mind. My husband looked at me funny when I told him about the phone calls, and said "They're black with horns, what more is there to see?" I concede that I too find it a little odd that you would want to take a gander at cows that are not up for sale. And if I find something odd...well then you know it must be strange. Dexter's aren't tiny like miniature horses. One comment I hear a lot is that the ladies are bigger than people thought they would be. My ladies are long legged Kerry's, this means that their legs are 1 1/2 inches longer than the short legged Dexter's. That's it. I really wanted the short legged buggers until I found out that little tidbit, and fell in love with Mama, Edie and Uma (of course Urth's Umbra when she was born). My ladies are mid range in acceptable Dexter Height.

But I can understand people wanting to meet and talk with an owner. There are so many interesting things about a Dexter, and they aren't like other beef cattle, where you can butcher before their first year. Dexter's are butchered at 3 years, so you have some investment, emotional and financial. Meeting with an owner before purchasing your own, is starting to sound like a good idea, not so odd. You can get an in person idea of what the owner really thinks, and the gentle (or not so gentle when it comes to Mama) interaction between the Dexter's and owner. It gives you a chance to see how large they actually are, and not end up shocked that the Dexter you bought a few states away is as tall as your 4 year old son, and not the size of a Lab. Plus you could build a relationship with another owner so that if questions or problems arise, you have a place you can turn to.

I am still thinking about charging for tours though. ha!

Just to let you know. We are prepping for flooding here in south central Kansas. Not because of Ike. Well Kind of. We have had rain for 2 days straight, and when Ike starts pushing its way up here. . . we are expecting 5 inches of rain by tomorrow afternoon.


Wendy said...

You should, actually--or rather, a monthly workshop fee. $25 for the tour of the cows and homestead, how they fit in to it, housing needs, diet, medical, benefits/drawbacks, budgeting, etc.

I think I would rather go to just an owner and not a seller because you pay your fee, get your info, and that's it. No pressure to buy, just learn, and maybe just some leads on local breeders who are selling and some tips to look out for or whatever.

wendy said...

(I meant to say, a workshop also discourages people from "just dropping by" and means you won't have people over every weekend and get tired of saying the same things ALL the time, just once a month.)

abbagirl74 said...

Hope you are hanging in there. Cowskin Creek is a mess!

alrescate said...

Hey Babe. I'm sorry I haven't had time to read your blog lately. For some reason I seem very busy. *grin*

The boys are doing well. I hope to send you a picture soon.

If you have time send me an email letting me know how you are doing.

Love to you, Dan and the boys

han_ysic said...

Someone's blog had a post recently saying they had received some similar calls, there had been an article in a newspaper (and it had the link) that said that dexters were no bigger than a german sheepdog. Hmm. And that you could keep a few at home to keep you in meat and dairy. They've been receiving some interesting phone calls too!

I think workshops are a great idea.

April said...

I would want to come look at your cows. I'd watch them all day and ask tons of questions....because I'm odd and I want a Dexter soooooo stinknin' bad.

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