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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Mommy and me

Many of you already know who my mother is. She did a wonderful job guest writing for me when I had lost my computer. She could have gone all parental on me and dragged up some very embarrassing info. Ah, but let us not tread in that direction.

Instead allow me to take a moment and tell you how my mother and I work together.

Yesterday, my youngest son, my mother and I went on a little trip. We drove an hour south from my house to the apple orchard on Eden. There we were confronted by a 200 lbs weimaraner (maybe not 200lbs, but she is a very fat dog) and we proceeded to fill the back of her car with 250lbs of red delicious apples and 30 lbs of peaches. We were quick and efficient, clearing out all the fruits we could reach and shake down. We did this in under 2 hours. Then back to her house where we unloaded and headed 30 minutes east to raid her s-i-l's grapes. We easily gathered 150 lbs of those. Once back to her house, we separated grapes which seemed to take much longer then the actual picking.

Now my mother is addicted to gleaning. On the way home, we discussed knocking on peoples doors that had apple trees rotting in their backyards and see if we could take them. My husband laughed when I told him and informed me that if I wanted to go into the apple butter business, that gleaning would take 70% of the overhead out of the picture. hhmmm. . .

Today my mother and I will be making grape jam at her house. My mother and I work well together, but we can be odd. We behave almost as if we are drunk without actually drinking. Those poor firemen that were forced to listen to us that one night.

Keep your fingers crossed that we don't end up losing half our skin to a fire bomb of purple goo.


Craft Junkie said...

Sounds like a productive day of rounding up a plethora of goodies! Not to mention that you and your Mom working together reminds me of when my youngest daughter and I do things together...I know people think we're drunk but neither of us drinks. LOL

Have fun!

Given55 said...

Mommy is sore.

Anonymous said...

Wish my mother and I got on so well. We'd be fighting/bickering the whole time! I'm with your mom though, I've got that addictive gleaner syndrome too!! :)

Kathie said...

What a great score! I'm a bit jealous of the score and your relationship. I'm with farm mom, my mother and I would've been fighting 15 minutes into the drive and turning around 20 minutes into it...

Anonymous said...

OK...I GIVE...What is Gleaning???

Wendy said...

Wow -that is so good that you work together so well. I hope to build that kind of relationship with my own daughter. Maybe you can blog about how you think that happened, what kind of mom you had that it worked out this way!

Gina said...

i keep seeing ripening apples out of every corner of my eyes while driving to and fro places. I so want to knock on their door!!

Oh, for a great movie about 'gleaning' see the Gleaner and I (I believe it takes place in France).

FancyHorse said...

I followed your link to your mom's blog -- she must be an amazing woman! I really enjoyed reading it, and yours, too. Thank you.

Anita said...

I've been reading your mom's blog almost as long as I have yours... :) (even though I don't omment on either as often as I should, I'm sure!)

I wish we had some sort of fruit within 100 miles of Greensburg! Nothing but wild sandhill plums, and now that our source SPRAYED ALL HIS BUSHES!!! we no longer have anywhere to get those... (I realize that a pasture is for cattle, not plums, but did he have to kill them all off???)

Phelan said...

Craft Junkie, it was a very productive haul. So glad to hear of your relationship with your own daughter.

given, I know mom.

Farm mom, I think after processing grapes yesterday, she might be having second thoughts on gleaning. ha!

Kathie, I am sorry to hear that. There was a point, where my mother had I would have been bickering.

anonymous, gleaning is to gather grain after the reaper. Basically when a farmer is done harvesting, they allow people to come out a collect whatever was left behind.

Wendy, I don't think I could recomend to you and your daughter, how my mother and I finnally got along. It is a rather long and woeful story. I left home at 14, I don't think you want that. But my mother did allow me to make my own mistakes, and didn't butt in unless I asked. She was supportive in my goals as well. That in part helped.

Gina, I will have to look that movie up.

Fancyhorse, she can be :D

Anita, surely yo have other farmers or private land owners out tere besides him. You know how I found the apples, my mother-in-law asked around work if anyone knew of a good U-pick-it in the area for me. Her coworker said for me to just come out to his place for the apples. Talk talk talk, it seems to work. oh, and I mentioned it to sustainable backyard. My place to downtown greenburgs is under 100 miles. I am not sure what side of town you guys are on, but if you are on the east side of downtown, we might have something.

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