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Monday, August 18, 2008

I thought, This is it!

I was noticing yesterday, that Mama's udders look rather full for not being separated from her calf. Uma is now 7 months old, and cows are typically weened at 6 months. Uma had shown signs of disinterest the other day, when I had allowed her back into the pen with Mama, she didn't go running and crying to her, nor did she nurse while I stood out there. Instead Uma had turned around and mooed at me as if she wanted back in.

Back to yesterday, I went out to milk Mama, thinking , this is it! I can start milking her twice a day from now on. I got Mama in the stanchion, got her and Uma some creep, and set forth, merrily milking my cow. I had pulled out about a quart of milk, when I heard Uma come running into the barn. I prepared for the head butt she like to inflict on me (she loves to play). It didn't come. Instead she ran to the far side of Mama, stuck her head through the stanchion bars, and started nursing at a frantic pace. As if I was going to steal it all!

Uma is one possessive calf.


The Fool said...

Fresh milk...mmmm. How human...Uma didn't want it until she saw that someone else had it. And what is creep? A feed?

Best to you.

Gina said...

Maggie continued to nurse off of Baby until she was over a year old (maybe longer). The calves we get this spring are not going to get free-range milk like Maggie did as I mean to have that stanchion built.

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