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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Mush

If you are interested, Wego Health has published an interview with me about my migraines. You can find the article here.

I am feeling rather stiff in the hands this morning. All that weeding is catching up to me. Typing seems to be a little time consuming.

I am thinking about some more How To posts. Since I realize that many of you come here looking for that. I have covered many many topics here, and try to write about them as I have accomplished them.

The boys and I will be building a goat playground. I am not sure when the angora's are due, but the kids will need something to do to keep them from getting too destructive. The adult pygmies need one as well. They love jumping on the cars, they need to stop that.

I must once again inform you how much my good neighbor rocks. My husband was out front last night when the good neighbor came flying by in his truck, slammed on the brakes, backed up into the drive, jumped out and handed my husband 10 pounds of ground beef. "This one is free. 80% lean, $1 a pound." and he was off. $1 a pound!?! Where on Earth do you find that kind of price, and 80% lean? oh my! And this was after I threatened to get my gun when I caught him snooping in my garden. It was all in play, and he was just seeing how my garden grew. Making sure I actually knew what I was talking about. ha!

Everything but the spinach is going great. The spinach came from local seed. Out of 1,000 seeds, 2 sprouted. Not good odds. So now I have to find a new source.

I keep forgetting to mention. I am part of the Great Sunflower Project. It is a program to help researchers with bees. They are unable to send out more seeds right now, but you can sign up for next year, or make a donation to the cause.


lisa said...

Have you had any luck with the sunflower project seeds? Mine don't seem interested in germinating so far. The goat playground sounds cool...a local farm has one, and I was thinking I should take a picture and send it to you.

jules said...

Your neighbor is funny. In our house we do this kind of thing when we want our friends to buy the eggs we get from our local Egg Lady. We give them the first dozen. When they ask how much they owe us, my Husband says "It's like crack, the first one's free" Ha!

Desert Cat said...

Re: migraines, mine have almost completely stopped since I started on blood-pressure medication. Apparently it was my untreated high blood pressure that was triggering them.

Anonymous said...








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