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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Have a Cigar


cow 002
Black Dexter born 6/04/08 to Edie of Isaiah Farms
cow 001

cow 003

Our other calf, Reece's Uma, can't seem to get enough of the new girl. I got Mama away, into the stanchion so I could go look without being shoved around by her. But Uma, she didn't follow. She wanted to see what this new calf was all about.

Now to come up with a name. Some of these cows have some great names. Like Edie's sire is named Lucifer's Tears. '08 is the year of the letter U. hmmm. . .


Joanna said...

"Umbra" in Latin means Shadow... and she's black... and it starts with a U... just an idea :)

Can't think of any other U names. Creative juices aren't flowing.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Your in the milk business now for sure :-)
Just think---you get to raise this girl from a babe and train her just like you want her to be. How nice.

Marina said...

Congratulations Grandma! ;)

I second joanna's suggestion, in fact, that name popped into my head before I'd headed over from lj to comment. The short "u" should be enough for the two girls to discern who's being summoned, or chastized. I'll go tell Firefly he's a big brother ;)

Robbyn said...

How wonderful...congratulations!

Gina said...

Oh, Congrats! She and mama are beautiful! I love the name "Umbra" as well.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

the farmer's right you are in the milk business for sure! congrats! and have fun!

Stephanie said...

How exciting!

We had a girl calf today too! Baby animals are always exciting.

Anita said...

She's beautiful! Congrats!

han_ysic said...

She's beautiful!
I bet mum'll be glad when she starts drinking all that milk.
I like Umbra
They're just not as cute:)

lisa said...

Congratulations! I like Umbra too, or maybe misspell "Eunice" to just "Unis"...heh...or "U-cow"! ;-)

Laurie Kruczek said...

Ursula means "little she-bear."


April said...

Okay Phelan,
I searched for all your posts on Dexters. I'm very jealous btw.

I want to know what you feed them and how much space (pasture) you need for them. Actually, I want to know everything you can tell me. So spill.

I've been reading a ton on the web about them. Could you also tell me how much I should expect to pay for one?

Phelan said...

April, Dexters need 1 acre of land each. If you have that, there is little need to hay them. During the winter they get good ole Kansas Prairie hay. To keep them in the stanchion for milking I give them creep.

As for cost, it depends on the line. I got lucky and spent $1,500 on 1 dam 1 heifer an 1 pregnant dam. Expect to pay $500 for a calf up to 1,500 for a dam or bull.

Dexters come in red, dun and black. The black ones tend to cost a little more, although their are more of them. You can get horned, dehorned and polled. Our ladies are horned, and their calves are polled ( their fathers were without horns) The horns aren't really an issue I thought they would be. They do use them. Mama threatens me with them. She pushed me down once, my husband smacked her on the nose and then held her horns down, after that she stopped threatening me.

My girls are long legged kerry's, they also come in the short legged kind. One good thing about them, unlike the minatures and the lowline cattle, Dexters don't throw dwarfs.

Contact the American Dexter Asc. for sellers. If I remember correctly you are now here in Kansas, right? You are in Region 6, the director is Clay Adams.

the national sales directory is at

If you can make it to Hutchinson, durning the State Fair, Sept 6th at 1pm there will be a Dexter show.

Feel free to email me.

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