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Friday, May 23, 2008

This Weekend

Today I have to get ready for tomorrow. I need my scythe, a hatchet, boots, long pants and sleeves, measuring tape, pen and paper, lunch, bug spray, camera, and, and. . . mom, what am I missing on this list?

This is another hint on my announcement on Monday. Alrescate, I do this to irritate you, ha!

Saturday we will be doing something that has to do with our future here. It should be fun.

We are officially into the mundane routine of late spring here. Dealing with the garden, bees, trees and other livestock. But last night, tornado season has come late. We here at the 'stead were spared, but it was a long night of watching and waiting. North of us was torn apart, several (4 I believe) hit around one of our lakes. It was rough. This morning is uncomfortably humid, and the severe storms will be going on through out the weekend into next week. News said there was 48 tornadoes last night.

My youngest son his excited about tornado season. Me? well I wasn't sure what to do about the cows. Should I call them in, or leave them out? I choose to leave them out, since they know where shelter is if they feel they need it. I was still stressed with worry about them. Can't fit a cow into my cellar. I think I need a bigger one.


Given55 said...

My Dear Child,

You also need:

A Gun & Ammo
Battery & cables
Starter Fluid
Juggs of water
work gloves

Given55 said...

For all those who would like to read of the professional animal spotter that my daughter has become. here is a quick story.

While on the phone, she squeals... there is a rabbit in my garden. Then she squeals..It is a yellow neon rabbit. It must be a rabbit, it has ears.

On further investigation...the rabbit turns out to be something plastic.

abbagirl74 said...

hahahahahaha!!!!! Nice!

alrescate said...

I wondered how you faired last night with all the tornados. I'm glad you are okay even if you're having fun irritating me by drawing out the suspense.

I've got a guess but I'm probably wrong!

lisa said...

You know, when I watched the Wizard of Oz as a kid it was my understanding that rich farmers had "underground barns" for their livestock during tornados. Heh, I guess that's what business insurance is for.

Anonymous said...

we have an underground barn, well kinda, the bottom story is dug into a hill, don't you have big hills in kansas? :)

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...
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