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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Times

image from tombstone generator

Do you remember the game Oregon Trail? If you do you are dating yourself. There is a cute meme going around about who would you take in your covered wagon on the Oregon Trail. (the link will take you to a website that has a free trial version of Orgeon Trail)

Who to choose, who to choose? Just about everyone has some talent that would be useful on the trail. So to make it somewhat fair in my choosing, I am going to pick only those that are appearing on my sidebar as recently updating their blogs.

Cook Think Blog, because they can cook just about anything. And that means I won't have to.

Fast grow the weeds, because if anyone can come up with a mobile greenhouse, and know how to use it, it would be her.

A Posse ad esse, he is the repurposing king! He could figure out a use for all of our trash, anything that was broken that could be repaired for it's original purpose, and anything we found along the way.

Banter, Bones and Breath, because she could figure out how to use the canary in the well, and then tell use the air quality just by how the bird acts (not just if it is alive or dead)

Super Natural Christian, only because she is my mother and if I don't include her I will get a phone call "Why don't you want your mother along?" ~grin~ love ya mom. My mother has many skills that would go along with the trail, one would be catching bees so that we could travel with honey.

So, what 5 are you taking?


alrescate said...

I think along with my ole man, I'd take you and Dan.

Maggie said...

That gave me a chuckle for the evening and yes I had to make my own grave marker. I will post it just for kicks:)

amanda said...

i love oregon trail...

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