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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mom again

Hello all. I missed you so much I'm back. Actually, Phelan is having trouble with her computer again & asked me to post for her. Although I do miss you. I really doooo.

Country living is always an adventure. Hard work, even with todays help aides. Our farm is very isolated. It is in a large county with only 2000 people in it. When the folks we bought the farm from moved out & we moved in the population moved to 2001. Then my another son moved in - 2002. Then Phelan & her son moved in -2004. Then Phelan & her son moved out 2001. Then we all left 1999. We really moved their census all over the place.

The farm sits down a very long driveway that slopes down hill. So from the road you can only see the roof & only in the winter. Because of the isolation we never locked the house up. I figured if I was going to get robbed, I'd rather they not brake a window.

One day when I came home the front door of our little house was open. No one uses the front door - it's the country you use the door to the mud room. I was a bit nervous about checking out the house. Didn't really think it was people that had gotten in there, was more fearful it might be a bob cat or cougar.

Now, at the time I was suffering from a deadly illness. My 130 pound frame add ballooned up to 300 pounds through steroids & the other 29 pills I took daily. But, I still saw myself as 19 years old & fit. So I take my cane & wobble up to the front door, like a disabled snail, & confront the intruder.

I peek into the living room. The house is destroyed. Books & paper are everywhere. I see no movement so I step in - feeling bold & courageous against the unknown. As soon as I step in I see movement to my left. It was fast & there was two. Fear shoots through me, I'm paralyzed with fear. Then out from other the cushions of my couch comes------my cats. Yep, my farm cats had got into my house & tore it up.

These two brats like toilet paper. Unfortunately, there was a new role on the dispenser. They had ran with the paper through the hall into the living room & then the kitchen. Of course, it had broken a few times, so they had gone back & gotten more. I was making jewelry at the time & they had turned over my box of beads then battered them all over the room. Little tiny beads in your rug. Not good. One of my curtains had been pulled down where they had tried to climb it. The throw rugs had been moved & a lamp knocked over.

What a mess. Now my cats names where spik & span, because they were suppose to keep my farm spik & span. But, this day they were rebellious teenagers. What do you do? They knew they were bad. They ran like a vicious dog was after them when they saw me. So I cleaned the house wondering how they ever got in.

Do you know how they got the door open? The door was not closing well because, you guessed it Gloria the goat & her chewing on the door. The challenge of living on the farm. Never a dull moment.


Anita said...

They teamed up with the goat just like cartoon farm animals do when the humans are gone! Priceless! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

alrescate said...

*chuckle* That's a pretty good story.

Thanks for checking in, I was wondering where Phelan had gotten off to.

Marina said...

Does Phelan still need a USB mouse? 'Cuz we have some extras we'd love to get rid of.

Monica said...

That was a very funny story. :)
Thanks for sharing it.

Phelan said...

marina, phelan says yes on the mouse

Marina said...

OK--will get location of mouse from husband and get it in mail as soon as I can.

Also, have a question about plastic shopping bags:
are they still useful for y'all's enterprise if they have holes in them?

Missing Phelan v. much!

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