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Thursday, October 04, 2007


What drives us to learn new tricks, being the old dogs we are? Now now, calm down, I know we are not old dogs. . . but when it comes to learning things we are. Our brains no longer soak up the lessons like it use to. There are times we have to read a sentence 2 or 3 {even 10} times before we grasp a concept. This is something, however, that we need to not do when it comes to actually doing something.

Mistakes happen, and they can be fixed. But we have to learn from them, and never, under any circumstance, repeat them.

Could you hear my laughter? We might not repeat the exact same mistake, but a new one and a new one. And if luck has graced us, we can accomplish something without loseing a finger.

Where am I going with this? trying to scare the newbies away? No, just reminding you that it happens, and that I have some very wonderful friends in this world.

A few weeks back I metioned tha some online friends got together and sent be two packages full of very cool and useful items. One item was a book called Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them by Rolfe Cobleigh. I can hear those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile groaning. This book has given me a bunch of new projects. Something I was needing.

The basic art of making your own tools, farm needs, household needs, and garden and orchard needs has been placed aside for the bright shinny, sometimes expensive mass produced items. No doubt I have many of these around my own homestead. Yet a have many antique tools that someone had loveingly made, that are still in wonderful shape. I hope my husband, whose resume says that his interests include the lost art of hard work and hands on mechanics, will have time this winter to try his hand at some of these tools. I will be trying out one or two of the projects included in this book. Look out fingers!

Of course that is unless I hear back from the house movers. I f we get this house I am dying to try my hand at making my own paint.

So this old dog will attempt new tricks. I am excited about it. While looking through the book, my husband would giggle at me, it was like I was a child and it was Christmas morning. Look look, I can do that and that. . . ohohoh, I want to do that, ppppllllleeeeeeeeeeeease!


Anita said...

Sounds like fun!
Learning "New tricks" is what keeps me getting out of bed in the morning... Those people who constantly do everything the same, everyday, and never learn new things astound me... How do they do that? I know a woman who hadn't even rearranged her livingroom furniture in 20 years... Until the tornado rearranged it for

alrescate said...

Killimengri found that book for you...I'm sure she will be thrilled to hear how much you like it!

lisa said...

Sounds exciting! I'm always cutting out pictures of crafty stuff I want to make "someday"...I just hope that someday really happens. I like the idea of making your own paint...don't they use milk? You could even try it out on a stepstool or something first...I'm anxious to see what you do!

vonne said...

ooh, I love that "Handy Farm Devices book"! We made the "handy door latch" for the garden shed.
And the "level" and also used his idea to put little lawn mower wheels on our big wooden gates to keep them level and make them easier to open.
You'll have so much fun with this book! And you'll wonder.. Why didn't I think of that?? :)
And Lisa is right, the homemade paint I made was with milk. I love the look. Only make what you're gonna use though. It doesn't keep. It turns into a sort of gel consistancy. bleh.

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