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Friday, September 07, 2007

Drum Roll Please

The polls are now closed!

It was a close race, very close. A total of 48 people voted {can I just say, wow?) and the new name of the little Jack is. . .

Firefly Bán of Browncoat Acres

Thank you for helping me out.

Marina told me that she hosed him off yesterday, and he is a "put on your sunglasses white"

He should be out this spring, and I can't wait!

Edited to add: Does anyone have a How to Train a Donkey and/or a Standard Donkey Care book that they would be willing to trade? Most of my books are listed here.


alrescate said...

Browncoat Acres....I love it!

The Fool said...

Browncoat...heh heh.

Good name too. I'll check with the homestead friends and see if anyone has such a book. If there is a specific title out there you'd like to have...let me know the title and I'll order it. I'm sure we can work out a trade.


Phelan said...

alrescate, damn you woman! You just have to go and to the most lovielist of things, don't you? I think you are bent on trying to make me a happy person.

The Fool, I have no idea what title that would be. I have never read such book, and have no idea which one is better.

alrescate said...

I'm just a big damn hero!

Rhonda Jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhonda Jean said...

That was me above, I made a mistake in my comment.

phelan, I just love this little fellow. Is there anything as cute as a baby donkey? No, there is not. I rarely am jealous of anyone or anything, but this, my friend, THIS, is another story. I really, REALLY want a donkey. When does little Browncoat arrive at your home? : )

This should be written in very small size 4 font: I want him.

Phelan said...

Rhonda Jean; This should be in size 26 front. "NO! HE'S MINE!"


He will be up next spring, as early as March. It depends on how he is doing and our weather here. I don't know if you were reading my blog when we went to get his mother, but we drove through a blizzard, and then was sweating when we made it to where they live. I don't want them driving through the snow. Hopefully the srping is mild and they can come up then.

dawn said...

We don't have a donkey book, but we have two donkeys. The mom is 12 and the daughter is 8. Our girls 12 and 10 have been riding the mom the last few days, and put the little nephews and niece on her. The previous owners said she had been ridden. The daughter hasn't been, and is more ornrey. My brother trimmed her hooves and she was not cooperative so he told the girls to clean their hooves daily. We went on vacation for 10 days and have been back 6 and already she is more cooperative.

As an aside, after passing through their pen on the way to the neighbour's last night, my 12 year old stated, "The problem with kissing donkeys, is you get a dirt on your face".

Phelan said...

Dawn, that is too cute! My 6 year old is ready for our donkey to get here.

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