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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Starting the sponge

Sit out your 1 cup of water and allow it to reach room temp. Take about 20 minutes. I m doing that now.

I am starting the sponge.

Here are the contests we having running as of right now.

Post me your ice cream recipe, and your name will be thrown into the hat for the crochet bag

Post me a picture of your dinner for a chance at that bag

Post a picture of your bread or breakfast for a surprise prize {post still to come}

Leave me a comment here about a food that starts with the letter M, and why you loathe it. The prize here is another book. The wonderful Wren is supplying this one for you

Country Careers: Successful Ways to Live and Work in the Country by Jerry Germer

And don't forget the very cool tshirts and cd that you can win by being the highest completed donor!


Anonymous said...

MUSHROOMS! Oh, I think they are totally disgusting. They tasted like dirt to me! No matter how much you wash them or cook them or whatever the hell else you can do with them, they always taste like dirt to me!!

Buffra said...

I don't like mushrooms either. I think it's the texture, though, for me. Because my mom used to make mushroom turnovers, where the mushrooms were all chopped up really tiny -- and those were pretty good.

The food I really loathe is liver. But it doesn't start with an M.


Phelan said...

ok this is too funny, here I cooked a very good mushroom based meal, and no one like mushrooms!

Billy said...

Mints. I hate the taste of mint. Whether it be your thin mints from those beloved Girl Scouts or a peppermint you put in your mouth. Yuck.

TexasWren said...

I like mushrooms. I can't think of an M food that I don't like. Maybe minestrone, but that's not really something I hate.

I am, obviously, not in the contest. I just can't quit talking! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mustard - the gloopy neon stuff the stores sell as a condiment. ICK! It stings my taste buds and smells nasty. (Dry mustard is fine, by the way; it's probably the only reason I'm still alive - yay mustard plasters!)

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