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Saturday, July 28, 2007


I just discovered your blog a few days ago (and am thoroughly enjoying it, obviously), Why thank you. but I have been reading a number of homesteading / sustainability blogs for a few months now. The people that I read seem to talk a lot about independence and self reliance and working toward a society and a planet that can support and sustain and nurture everyone ... but it more often than not seem to boil down to discussions about food. Lets start with, I am not one of those. I am not green, honestly what you do is none of my business unless you make it mine. I have a post called, I am selfish, that explains it.

Lots of discussions about solar this and wind-powered that, but usually in relation to food somehow. Well, food and power for computers to keep blogging. We do hope to go solar someday, but that is so we can live off the grid, and not have to pay someone for electricity.

I could be way off base here; I'm not a homesteader, although I am working toward living a (more) sustainable life. Just seems that food more often than not takes center stage. That is because food is not only one of your basic needs, like sleeping and going to the bathroom. But raising your own food gives you freedom from corporate America. It is a hobby that saves you money and builds an odd sense of pride. Look ma! It is about control over what you eat and feed your family.

Would love to hear from you and others on what / why homesteading. What it means to you. What you hope to achieve. I started homesteading because I was struggling financially. It started with a small garden, then grew into something more. I found a pride in myself that I had forgotten all about. It means to me that I will survive, no matter what is thrown my way {except maybe a school bus}. And I hope to achieve self reliance. I might not homestead for the rest of my life, but I want to get to a point where I know that if I had to, I could do everything I needed to, to live off of barely nothing. I want to push myself, even though I get tired, and complain. It is all part of it. It is one hell of a hard life, and don't let anyone tell you differently.


Marina said...

So, Lady--how you holding up? I linked to you from my lj and book blogs in the hopes that my insomniac friends might come and say "hi." [I mentioned your other writing]

I'll be here, cheering you two on as long as I can!

Catherine said...

Phelan (and Mark), you ask the tough ones.
OK, here goes. I homestead because I want the satisfaction of a job well done, of escaping the superficial glitz of our current consumer society, and try to leave something lasting for my girls. I homestead because it's what America is all about. Americans are the ones who left everything behind and carved out a new life for themselves, on their terms. I homestead because it means that I get the opportunity to live my life and make it what I can, instead of having it dictated to me by people who don't even know my name. Homesteading means to me that my girls will grow up knowing the important things of life, that we won't be dependent on others to feed and clothe us, that what we eat will be healthful and what we wear will be practical. And when it is all over and done, I hope that I will have lived deliberately, discovered the essential facts of life, learned what life had to teach me, and I will know that I lived (Thoreau).

Phelan said...

Thank you Marina

Great reply Catherine. Oh by the bye, would you email me your address please.

Celeste said...

Good answers

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