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Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's in the bag

I don't think any of you can top Bobbarama's dinner.

My culinary skills pale in comparison.

Think you can do better, prove it


Anonymous said...

OK, while I think it's a longshot that anyone can beat the toast, I'm prepared to break out the asparagus hair if necessary.

Just sayin'

Phelan said...

Are you threatening me?


Marina said...

1. Y'all are weird

2.We're auto-disqualified because we had to do takeout--DH is laying down the laminate in the dining room, and the cooking facilities are... compromised.

cute toast, tho

Anonymous said...

Just saying you haven't lived until you've seen a Mr. Happy Face Toast with a cutout mouth with a jam nose and eyes and asparagus hair.

And if I have to, I'll swap out the jam nose for a sausage link nose. A chef's gotta do what a chef's gotta do.


Buffra said...

oh dear. no way I can compete.

besides, my dinner is gone!


Anonymous said...


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