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Thursday, July 05, 2007

One Local Summer; 4th of July Style

I usually get a ton of great firework photos, this year {my camera is dry} I was unable to because we were setting them off in the rain.

We started the day with a head injury. My middle son got nailed with a plastic boat by the oldest son. I had to take a deep breath and remind myself that head wounds look worse then they are, breathe Phelan, breathe. We cleaned him up, and all was well. The boys lit noise makers and worms.

Storm clouds loomed and my husband lit the BBQ grill on the covered deck.

Darkness and sparklers came out.

Then the rain, and the boys hiding in the truck, while my husband and I got soaked setting off our firework display. Wet, but much fun!

As for our One Local Summer dinner,

We had homemade wheat hamburger buns, local raised, grass fed, organic hamburger {you'll need to scroll down for recipe} onions from garden {last year} tomatoes from a local greenhouse, sweet pickle relish {canned last year from garden} a simple potato salad {from garden with homemade ingredients, most of which were local} last year's frozen corn on cob, local butter, and baked beans that were canned by a neighbor. For dessert, strawberry shortcake. Everything came from under 50 miles from my home. {except the sugar and ground black pepper}


Anonymous said...

Your meal sounds awesome! Thanks for the links to recipes!

Phelan said...

Thank you, and you are very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What perfect (wet) picnic faire! How is frozen corn on the cob? Does the texture remain intact? I've only ever frozen corn off the cob before, so I'm curious. Not having to de-cob it all this year would be a nice time saver! :)

Phelan said...

Frozen doesn't keep that fresh crunch. It is a little softer. But the taste, as long as you keep freezer burn off it, is comaparable. It is worth it if you have a ton of corn to de-cob.

Billy said...

Wow, it looks wonderful. And it was all local which is just simply awesome.

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