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Friday, July 06, 2007

My truck is stuck

My truck is stuck out in the field. I told him that it wouldn't work, but does he listen? Of course not. He made it through the thick mud and standing water, but the thin, ice like mud was another story, and now my truck is stuck. ~sigh~ He has left it to me to get it out.

Because of all the rain, I have been unable to really do much outside. So the homesteading stories have come to a halt. No worries though, things should be back to normal before you know it, and you will soon get tired of listening to me talk about harvest and canning.

Last year at this time I participated in Blogathon 2006. I raised money for Farm Aid. Many of you stepped up to the challenge and donate your money while I got goofy posting as lack of sleep took its toll. Once again I will be staying up blogging for 24 hours straight, posting every 30 minutes to raise money for Farm Aid.

My blog is awaiting approval {it was last year, shouldn't be a problem this year} and then I will post where you can sponsor me at. For now, think about pledging a donation to help keep me awake and going, spread the word, so that our money can go to those farmers that so desperately need your help. Farm Aid helps family farms stay in the family. Show some local love people.

Last year I did 24 hours of Q&A as well as a few games with prizes. This year I will leave it up to you. Do you want another Q&A? Do you want to hear about other farmers and their stories? Or do you want me to blog about something else other than homesteading or farming?

Just like last year, you donations will never pass through my hands. You make a pledge to my blog and charity, and at the end of the blogathon you will go to Farm Aid donations site and pay them directly.

Give it some thought, look over Farm Aid's site if you are not familiar with what they do, and hopefully we will see your pledge up under my name at the Blogathon's website in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you, all of you.

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