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Saturday, July 21, 2007

More incentives to be a sponsor

Just in case you haven't seen my sidebar. On July 28th, beginning at 8 am central time, I will be blogging for 24 hours straight, new posts every 30 minutes. I am doing this to raise money for Farm Aid. And I am not alone. Bloggers from around the world will be staying awake for those 24 hours raising money for their own charity of choice. { I am sponsoring An Indian Summer, The Trainwreck Diaries, Footsteps in the Mirror and KMRL Mojo Radio. Go check out these guys and their charities as well}

This is my second year participating in the Blogathon. I chose Farm Aid because they help families when their farms are threatened. I hear rumors that more people want to buy local, and want to buy from families. Let's help those families just a tad more buy donating to Farm Aid. They have resources that help families through bankruptcy and threats of loss of land.

Standing ovation to those of you on my sidebar. If you haven't yet, stop by my sponsors pages and say hi, and thank you. And if you want to be a sponsor, stop here and place your pledge. Blogathon does require you to sign in, with a valid e-mail address, but no worries. This is only to send you the link for my charities donation page. They do not spam, nor sell or give away your info. And you can even be anonymous so that I don't know that you are they giving type of person. {I know some of you have reps to protect ;)

All my sponsors will be in the running to win these cool incentives. The four e-books and the shopping bag. And the highest completed donation to Farm Aid wins the Farm Aid T-shirt and CD. Wait! Is there more?


A company out of Arizona has also thrown in their own incentives. Spraygraphic Apparel is donating 4 of their very cool t-shirts.

To the person with the highest completed donation, not only will you receive the very cool Willie Schwag, but Spraygraphic will send you his and hers shirts. You choose the sizes.

I really need to get my hands on one of these shirts. {psst, if your thinking birthday for me, I like the clock one} And don't forget to stop by the Spraygrachic apparel store, and help support a US company that is such a huge fan and supporter of Farm Aid.

Clicking on any of the pictures above will take you to their site. The shirts photos will take you to that direct page.


Anonymous said...

ooooo, those are soooo pretty!

I like them all, the wave and the clock best...

whimzykat, who has issues with the sign in thingy here...

Anonymous said...

Yay, thank ye for the plug my dear.

Sorry to hear about your father as well - I've been really bad at keeping up with my blogroll lately due to being busy elsewhere (as you might've guessed from the lack of entries) so this is the first I'd heard of it... my condolences.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the plug and the sponsorship :)

I'm so excited about this year!

Anonymous said...

I see you want one but you didn't say what size you would wear!

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