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Sunday, July 08, 2007

And you thought giving was incentive enough

You rock! We are already close to $300 in pledges. I am really proud of you guys.

Blogathon 2007 is still a few weeks away, so there is still time to make your pledge. Starting on July 28th at 8am central time, I will begin to blog for 24 hours straight. No sleep for me that day. I am doing this to raise money for Farm Aid.

Farm Aid is best known for their yearly concerts staring Willie Nelson. The concerts are one way they raise money to help family farmers that are having legal problems, or financial problems. For 22 years, Farm Aid has been on the front lines to help keep America growing and out of the hands of Big Ag. What happens if you go to the Farm Market and your favorite vendor is gone? What happens to the family farms when NAIS becomes mandatory and they can't afford the price? Family farms are disappearing, just when more people are discovering that the family farm is better for everyone. They need our help. Not just with buying local, but having a resource available when they need it. And even $5 will go a long way.

And if the act of giving isn't enough, Farm Aid will be giving the person with the highest, completed donation a limited edition 2006 concert shirt, and a compilation CD!

The New Homemaker has sweetened the pot a bit. Lynn the editor is offering a prize of The Craft Fair Gold Mine Package. 4 ebooks! If you pledge, you will be in a drawing to win this great prize.

The Modern Homestead is offering an incentive of a cloth bag for all you Farm Market needs. All you need to do, is make a pledge and you will be in the drawing.Actual tote will have a slightly different graphic.

More incentives will be coming along shortly.

Sponsors also get some link love on the sidebar. Go check them out.

If you wish to make a pledge, please click the blogathon banner at the top of the page.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I will most definately be pledging, but wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Positive Global Change Award come check it out at:

Billy said...

I am still planning on pledging when you go on your blogathon. If you are needing any caffeine or legal stimulants to keep you awake, let me know. :) Rock on for the Positive Global Change Award!

Anonymous said...

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