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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Baby trees have been around for over 2000 years. It is a vegetable that you should be able to find locally as well. It does prefer a cooler growing temperature, but growers will start them indoors so that they can have time to grow before it gets too hot outside, especially those of you in warmer climates.

Broccoli is chalk full of anti-cancer properties, fiber and Vitamins A and C. It is versatile, can be cooked or eaten raw with a little dip dip, or plain. Broccoli is also a great hider from Children. Cook it with your pasta to allow the noodles to soak up some of that goodness, and when you mix it together and the flowers fall off, tell the children it is seasoning. My boys fall for it every time, now they eat broccoli raw {well with a little bit of dip dip.}

It might take a little more search effort to find broccoli growing near you, ask around at your local farm market and see who is growing what. And always ask where it was grown before buying from that vendor. You might be suprised to find that some of your local farm market vendors have things shipped from all over the world. It is always best to ask questions, if they get huffy about answering you, they have something to hide and you should move on.


alice c said...

Hi Phelan - Angie sent me over to you - I admire you for your fundraising effort - such a good cause.
Broccoli is really big in our house - it is the one veg that the children have always eaten. I discovered that the way to get green broccoli soup (as opposed to sludge coloured) is to make a soup base with stock and milk and then steam the broccoli until soft and liquidise the two together. It is delicious - especially with added stilton.
Happy Blogging

Phelan said...

Welcome Alice C! Thank you, and thank you for the broccoli soup suggestion. I will try it out.

Barb Hallock said...

Mmm, foodblog.
I'm Barb, your blogathon monitor!

I'll be sneaking around reading your posts and such throughout the event. I will also, occasionally, be giving you the sort of encouragement one needs to finish the event (Thon monitors for the win. Seriously.)

If you're curious, my event blog is over at and you're welcome to stop by whenever!

Anonymous said...

One of the marinas on the Delta 'near' here has boat houses named alphabetically for veggies.

Mm, broccoli. :)

(Did you notice I'd sponsored you? Thanks for yours, too!)

Phelan said...

Ahha! I was wondering when my monitor would show up. Nice to meet you Barb. Yes we are talking food today, local foods that is. We will be cooking later today. I will stop by soon.

Linda, oh did you! Thank you. my pc is so slow this morning, I have to start updating my next post 15 minutes before hand. sigh

Marina said...

You and Linda are a couple of typing goddesses. I am going to have to join you next year, if I can talk someone into watching Anthony.

Somewhere in the depths of my recipie collection, I have one for Broccoli-Potato soup that I really should make one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Love broccoli. This is one of the things we grow here. We have a small yard but have grown tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, peas, and some other stuff that escapes me. Ack. Maybe I should go get more coffee. I can tell reading your blog today will be making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phelan, was wondering if you grow broccoli and if so, how do you deal with the dreaded cabbage worm?

Anonymous said...

MMmmm broccoli! Hmmm I was going to sauté some ground beef and mix it up with seeded, minced cherry tomatoes for my ravioli filling. Now I want to add broccoli instead.

Phelan said...

Farm mo, nope I can't seem to grow it. Try every year and it dies.

Go for it Merry

Unknown said...

I'm sitting here eating pasta (it's gone 8pm with me) & trying to catch up with you. I like broccoli, but Annon doesn't much. Yet she loves cauliflower

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