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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Coffee Beans

We can not talk in the mornings with out Coffee, drinking it either. We are a nation of Coffee Junkies. So what do we do if we are trying to stay local? Well there are several roasters in the US, you can support them and buy your coffee from them. There isn't one near me, and I buy a name brand. ~I am so bad~ The only place in the US that I know grows their own beans is Hawaii. And unless you live in a country that does grow its own, you are out of luck when it comes to coffee.

What you can do is find a substitute. Dandelion root is one such substitute. And readily available. Dig up the root, allow it to dry before grinding it up and placing it in your percolator. I have done this before, and although it isn't that bad, tastes a little like chocolate, I am having problems breaking my coffee addiction. Maybe some day. But this is a good thing to know, just in case coffee prices go the way of gasoline, or disappears. They is still hope for us!

I hear there is something out there made with soy. I just don't know about that. Soy seems to be replacing corn, and with the way corn has turned out, this scares me. But hey, I am a paranoid homesteader. :)


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm. Coffee.

Is it a bit bad that we're only two hours in and I'm already desperate for caffeine? I mean, seriously, it's like 4pm and I've only been up for about four hours!

Hope all's well with you.

Stephanie Appleton said...

chikory root is supposed to be a good substitute too. I haven't tried it though. I love coffee!

Marina said...

I decided to treat myself to a mocha yesterday morning, and I swear I was still feeling it last night during StitchNB*tch.

I'm still looking for an electric grinder for you.

Phelan said...

john, you just getting prepared for tonight

Stephanie, I have heard that as well, not sure how easy it is to find locally though. I haven't found it yet.

Marina, Marina. Marina. Go have some more ;)

Buffra said...

It isn't the same as local, but if people are really concerned about environmental issues (overlap with homesteading stuff!), "shade-grown" coffee is grown within the rain forest without destroying it. Yay!

Phelan said...

yes, I had read about that. Thank you for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

OK, this dandelion root thing is new to me. Wow. Tastes like chocolate? Now I've gotta go find some and try this. I'm a coffee addict. I buy a big name brand (blush) that starts with S.

Anonymous said...

Funny about the dandelion tasting like chocolate. At the organic shop (not much local there, just flours, boo), they sell carob chips as a substitute for chocolate chips. Their flavor reminded me of sweetened black coffee. I have yet to bake with them - I think I'd prefer to go with half chocolate and half carob chips in a cookie or loaf recipe to prevent either flavor from being overwhelming. I have a couple of cans of sweetened condensed milk begging me to make fudge - but I don't know how carob chips would stand to be fudgified.

Unknown said...

I love coffee, too. The dandelion root thing sounds good. The health food shops here sell Barleycup which tastes like insipid powdered something, but can be pleasant if you're not expecting coffee from it! I must look out my Gypsy coffee substitutes for you ~ nag me over this

Anonymous said...








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