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Monday, June 11, 2007

The weekend in review

It was a very long weekend. Unfortunately my husband worked Saturday, so the physical labor he likes for me to endure didn't begin until that evening.

Early Saturday morning, I loaded up my boys and we headed off to the Farmers Market. Over the years, I have sampled beef from all the vendors. Beef vendors tend to stay the same there. {as in the same family farms selling their wares} There is one farm that I have fallen in love with. Greener Pastures, their steaks are melt in your mouth yummy. They are a little more pricey then some of their competitors, on Saturday one of the men was try to sell fillet to a female customer, she said "not for the price." My reply was, I think they are worth it, no matter their prices. And the man thanked me. Does that get me a discount?

New bakers are added all the time, I still can't tell you my favorite, as I think I am my own favorite. Conceded much? I still like to buy baked goods at the market. This week a bought a loaf of wheat and a loaf of spelt from Solomon bread. Their is no animal fats, or by products in the bread. It wasn't bad at all. The cookies did have milk and eggs in them, my children loved them.

I stopped at the booth of the Little Red Hen Bakery for some stone ground wheat flour. Alas they were out {that will teach me to get there late} He did give us a slice of bread to try. Very good.

I bought a large package of cinnamon rolls from Marie's baked Goods {it was 8 am and we were hungry} It was a little more store bought tasting then home style, but passable when you are hungry.

I bought mechanics soap from Natures Blend Soaps. My husband was happy with the results of it. They have a few other soaps I am willing to try out as well.

I bought some Blackberry syrup from another vendor, unfortunately they did not have any cards out.

I also bought a shopping bag from Nancy's Nice Knits. She was in a little side area with only a couple of vendors. Not many people were headed through that way. It's a lovely hand knitted bag in military greens and browns. There was also another vendor in that area that had organic game bird meat. I plan on hitting him up the next time through.

And yes, I do recommend the above vendors to you.

That evening we went out to my husband's grandmother's rundown farm. It became neglected after her husband died. We are slowly reclaiming some of the items that are left there. This weekend it was the windmill stand. The head had come down years ago in a storm. But we had met a man and his son at the farm auction that has a couple of them that they are willing to sell us at a reasonable price.

Yesterday, my oldest son and myself went to one of my step-father's properties and loaded up my truck with limbs and twigs. These items will be used to make a fence with. I have to go back today for another truck load.

So much work, so many projects need to be completed, and I already feel it in my shoulders.

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Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Psst! I saw no one commented on this post so I wanted you to know that there are some of us out there who are really enjoying reading your old posts! I like to blog about our local farmer's market's as well, although I see your's must be much bigger than the one's I've been to. Having the Extension Office manage a market is a good idea & might be just what this town needs (we've got 2 that are poorly organized)... must call the Extension Office & propose this idea!

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