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Sunday, June 10, 2007

an odd weekend entry


That would have been me screaming as I jumped out of my bed last night. The house shaking and the deafening noise of a gigantic vacuum cleaner passing over us. Or was it a freight train?

I ran through the house, trying to peer out into the night. Wind tore at the trees, the garage door ripped open. Oh God oh God oh God was my mantra. Where is's moving on, southward. I listened carefully as the sound moved away.

I switched the tv on to the local station. The radar appeared, but no sound emerged, then the station went black. I switched to the next one, tennis? Then the next, another black station. Back to the first, there was now sound as well as visual.

Thunder? That was only thunder and wind?

Be still my heart, and back to sleep.


Unknown said...

What a way to wake up! Stay safe.
Do you guys have some sort of shelter in the event of storms?


Robbyn said...

Gosh, glad you're OK!!
We got a lot of tornadoes when I was growing up in Mississippi, and often in Tennessee. Make for the shelter if you can!


Whirled said...

Wow! Being another Kansan I've experienced winds like that too. Weather radios can be life savers... or at least save your sanity! :)

Jeff Roberts said...

Glad you're OK. When we moved from tornado-paranoid Huntsville, AL back to Kentucky, I would wake up to a wild storm, run to the TV and see...nothing at all about the weather. Took some getting used to.

Phelan said...

V, yes we do have a shelter.

Robbyn, We have our fair share of them here.

Whirled, welcome, and you know I didn't think about why my weather alarm wasn't going off.

Jeff, we have the same thing with winds here. Most the time you are use to it. Weds. we had 40 mph sustained winds all day long, thurs. they dropped to 35mph. You get use to it. What got me this time was the rolling thunder that started over the house. We weren't expecting storms, and I was asleep.

Mysti said...

Wow! Happy everything is alright. We had 85 mile an hour winds the other night and we spent the weekend hauling off broken branches. Not fun! And certainly not fun to wake up too.

Gina said...

Glad you are alright. How scary!

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