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Monday, June 25, 2007

One Local Summer

Yesterday was the first day of One Local Summer hosted by Liz over at the Pocket Farm. This challenge will last 10 weeks. The point of this challenge is to understand where you food is coming from, and to support your local farmers. If you are unsure about where a product is from, ask, chances are most the things you eat are not local. This is also an opportunity to eat fresher and experiment with in season produce. I missed the sign-up last year, I am glad to be sharing this year.

Last night we ate our first completely local dinner of the challenge. We had KC Strip Steaks, medium rare, cooked over apple wood fire, small baking potatoes from our garden, topped with local butter and salt. We had a fresh salad of Simpson lettuce and cherry tomatoes from our garden, and homemade biscuits made with local wheat.

I do have a picture for you. But I must warn you that it is a horrible picture. Why? you ask, because my 3-year-old peed on my camera. Yes, you heard me correctly, peed on the camera. I was working outside, and when I walked onto the deck, I saw my camera sitting in front of the door, wet. I asked what happened, he looked at me and said, I peed on it, then he walked into the house. WHAT!?! ugh. . .
I tried to edit the picture, but it didn't help too much. Looks like I need to buy a new one. ~sigh~


Anonymous said...

He peed on your camera?!!!

Now I've heard everything.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I have to laugh at that one too. It would be the same way in my home. My three year old loves to walk out and go anywhere he pleases.

Liz said...

What a pisser! ;)

Well, even though it's not a great photo, it sounds like a wonderful meal!

Anonymous said...

Well at least you got to add local peas to the list...heh. Sorry to hear about the camera :(

Cheryl said...

It sounds yummy even if we can't really see it.
I hope your camera dries out!

Stephanie Appleton said...

And I thought peeing out the window was a story to tell! You got me beat!

Sounds like a great meal, can't wait until we are getting a bit more from the garden!

April said...

Okay, now I'm having trouble seperating that there isn't pee on your food...eeeeek. What a little stinker!

It does sound like a wonderful meal.

Billy said...

Yes!!! lol.... I am still laughing as I type this out. What a little man he is! How absolutely funny and adorable all at once.

still lol...

Okay, now that I am done laughing, I need some serious advice. Some of the leaves on my zucchini and tomato plants are starting to turn a little yellow. Is this because of too much or too little water? I water every day, and I only water enough to get the ground really wet around the plants. Can you help me sort it out?

Phelan said...

jeanne, you know my boys will surprise you eveytime. ;)

Tim, All my boys like to pee off the deck, my poor litle tree is having a hard time surviving.

Liz, that he is.

lynn/vigilant20, ha!

Cheryl, thank you.

Stephanie, I don't think I really wanted to win this one.

April, no, no pee in the food!

abbagirl, a little yellowing and death will occur. too much though and it's trouble. Have you mulched? if not, do it now. Harvest is in full force, hay bales will be available cheap, keep an eye out for hand painted signs. The kansas sun will do a lot of damage, make sure when you are water, it is in the early morning, or later in the day.

Rhonda Jean said...

good luck with your challenge, Phelan.

Mysti said...

*shaking head* This is why the penis is to much trouble. A girl would have a tough time peeing on a camera without working hard to achieve it. Boys just aim and from afar. Ok, I was joking about it being "trouble". I secretly have penis envy. LOL

El said...

Ohmigawd, you win for this week's funniest story, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

To Pee or not to Pee, that is the question !!!!! Seems little guys like to leave their mommys specials at the door, my 3 year old,21 yrs ago broke my ducks head off and left at the door for me, no not a real duck but a duck from an artist. I don't think he peed on it tho.
Hey the show must go on and you did a good job, din din sounded great tc linda

Anonymous said...

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