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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't feel like moving.

I am burnt. I didn't mean to crispy fry myself, I just got wrapped up in what I was doing this weekend, and apparently sunscreen is useless to me. Same thing happened the weekend we went to Sparks, my face got a little red. I never use to be a burner, as a youth I would tan instantly. Now, I must suffer at the hands of the sun.

To be honest, I was hoping for a little color to be rid of this oh so sexy farmers tan. But I had to wear gloves, now my arms are a pretty lobster red while my hands are a pearl white. So much more attractive.

I spent most of my Sunday trimming and sorting tree limbs. My goal is a wattle fence, and so far I have been only able to accomplish this burn and several stacks of wood. My mother has more tree limbs waiting for me. I wanted to do this why again? oh right, I thought it would be an interesting project, that might just look good as well as be functional. This will teach me to think that way. Actually, sarcasm aside, I have a strong belief that once it is said and done, it will be one of my better projects, only because I am determined not to allow it to conquer me.

I grabbed a pennypower while I was in town last night. The pennypower rocks. I remember getting it as a child, looking through the free pets pages. oh I wanted this and that. And even now I still have the habit of looking through the free pets section, first. Not because I need a new pet, but because when we first moved out here, I had a very male oriented goat that was going through our hot fence to meet the ladies. We placed him in the pennypower free pet column, so you never know what you will find. Last night in said section, I found a woman looking to be rid of her horse tank. The largest they make, for only $100. I jumped right on it. We will be picking it up tonight. We have been thinking on picking one up, to be used as a swimming pool for now, and put to other uses later on.

There will be little work done on the homestead today. This morning I have to go into town and finalize my father's future cremation. Last night I had to look for his Naval discharge papers. I actually enjoyed the search. I discovered things about my father I didn't know, and found things that brought up some wonderful memories. This afternoon I have to go to a dentist, and later tonight have an interview, I hope the dentist doesn't decide to yank a wisdom tooth, I need to be able to talk without sounding drunk.

Since no progress will happen today, tomorrow I will have a garden update. Unless there is something else you want to talk about.

Editing to add; Looky looky. I have a chick named after me!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the horse tank. I have fond memories of sitting in a stock tank during the summer.

Sorry your father isn't doing well. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

Maggie said...

Be carefull with the sun. My skin is a map of sundamage due to forgetting to apply. Rit has a treatment that you put right in your laundry to increase the spf in clothing. Sometimes its easier just to throw a light long sleeve shirt over the body then greasin up. I've never heard of a horse tank but it sounds big. Is it for therapy? By the way I missed the question entry and I was always curious on the heritage and meaning of your name.

Phelan said...

Thank you alrescate, and thank you again.

Maggie, I try to be careful, I did have sunscreen on. Horse tank, watering through. As for my name, it is my real name, it is irish. The orginal spelling means Joyous, while the english spelling, the one you see, means keeper of wolves. Apparently there is some confusion on how to pronounce it Phelan= FAY-lyn

Stephanie Appleton said...

With a sunburn it sounds like a good day to run errands, though none of those sound like much fun.

Going through your father's things must have been bittersweet. You are in my prayers!

Stephanie Appleton said...

oh and someone told me not too long ago that farmer's tans are sexy! :)

Gina said...

I love Irish names! I had planned on naming my last Lily Siobhan if he had been a she. My first is Shawn (fairly common) and our youngest puppy is Eileen. Phelan is a beautiful name.

Gina said...

Oh, and I do the same thing with our "Peddlar's Post". As a child I always scanned the pets & livestock sections first and still do.

Celeste said...

Time to find a different level of sunscreen.

lisa said...

Ouch on the sunburn, and congrats on the chick! The very best sunscreen (in my book) is "Bullfrog" brand. It won't sweat or swim off, and the SPF is through the roof! I went on an all-day canoe trip one May, and applied it once in the morning on my WHITE skin. We canoed and swam in the blazing sun ALL day, and I had no burn whatsoever! It's the only stuff I'll use! Sorry about your dad, glad you got comfort going through his things.

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