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Saturday, May 19, 2007

ssshhhh. . .

I am not here, I am not posting.

I have allowed my boys to sleep in today. It is so quiet, and calm, I'm not sure what I should be doing. I am catching up on every one's blogs, and my, have you guys been busy.

I thought I would pass on some of the new blogs I have listed on my sidebar for you. This is an unofficial Saturday blogroll call, because I'm not posting on the weekends, remember?

Kentucky Hollers Is another neophyte to homesteading. Whenever I am frustrated and ready to throw my hands in the air, I will head over there to see what she is up to. More times than not, her inexperience and her attitude towards it has me laughing.

Lilla Chinamengri Killimengri Some of you my have seen her responses here, Killi is a recent immigrant to Ireland where she is attempting to homestead despite a neighbor that moved to the country thinking it was going to be quiet out there.

Children in the Corn Farm mom is homesteading on two acres, with her husband, two children and magic elves?

Down To Earth, is the newest on my list. She is a homesteader in Australia. She is doing a few things from scratch and sharing her recipe for success with everyone. From laundry soap to cheese.


The Fool said...

Yeah, like I'm not posting for the summer. Freakin' writers...they're all addicted to the words...


Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Phelan
I'm from down to earth and I wanted you to know that you are the first person to comment on my blog. So thank you for that and for your words here, especially as you're so far away.

I am a retired writer - ex-journalist and technical writer, and yes, I too am addicted to words. : )

I hope you stop by again.

The Fool said...

Rhondajean - if you allow access to your profile, then folks will be able to link to you off of your comments and you will get more traffic.


Anonymous said...

HI Phelan,
thanks for mentioning me! And thanks for the market advice. My husband will think I'm crazy when I tell him to keep an eye out for those honey pushers!! :)

Catherine said...

Hi Phelan!
Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. Now, that was laughing *with*, not *at*, right? ;D

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