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Monday, May 21, 2007

Maybe I'm the one that's normal

It feels as though things are starting to fall back into the range of normal, at least for around here. No more chickens have come up missing, my neighbor isn't moving, and I have been able to get chores done without feeling like everything was crashing down on me. If you have noticed that this last week my post have been different, that feeling of impending doom has been the culprit. Several things have caused this, first it was because of some financing problems with the new house, apparently some people like to report you as a bad debt to the credit companies if you pay your loan back long before it matures {they miss out on all the interest}, and then my father and his health. He is not getting better, nor does he seem worse.

Alas! I do not feel I should burden you with a woe is me post.

I have mentioned it before, and thought now was a good time to bring it up once again. If you are homesteading, talk about it. Some people will look at you like you are insane, yet you wouldn't believe the stuff they will pawn off on you. I got all my canning gear for free in this manner {thank you mom!}. Many of my homesteading books and fencing. And on Saturday, I took my boys to their cousin's birthday party and brought back a very nice rabbit hutch and hog fencing. Of course now that we have a bona fide rabbit hutch, I spent most of the day yesterday hearing my 3 year old's new mantra of "bunnybunnybunnybunny." Aren't they precious when they learn to talk?

We have tried our hand at rabbits before. Our first one was a black and white mini rex that went by the name Milk. We had him for years. Our second attempt was a complete failure. We bought 2 mix breeds from a 4-Her. One died the next day, and the other lasted a few. I had no idea what the snuffles was, and when I figured it out, I was too late getting to the vet. I am weary of doing it again.
Sunday was pleasant. I spent the day out in the garden. It's a whole lot of garden. My Brother-in-law arrived late in the day with a truck load of brush that he wanted burned. I quickly glanced through the pile and it was made up of mostly a cedar tree. And there were quite a few pieces that would be great in the garden. Problem is I am allergic to evergreens, have never met a one that I liked. The pile will have to wait until I can get my husband out to it.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.


lisa said...

Glad to hear things are coming around for you (psychologically at least!) Bunnies can be fun, but as you discovered before, not without their own problems. Good title for your post BTW, and yes, you ARE the normal one!

Donna. W said...

I love rabbits; they are so gentle and sweet. I've had good luck with them at times, but the last time I had them, I could not for the life of me save any babies. So I gave up. I love the meat from tame rabbits.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

You are the definition of normal in my book. It didn't take long to get Rabbits, we were just talking about them! You're right people will start giving you things when they know you will use the. We got a huge number of canning jars (too many to count, I really don't know how many) because the previous owner knew we would use them and she wasn't. I hope to fill them this summer.

Gina said...

I am intrigued by your comment about the bad credit. Is this common? What a bunch of you know what!

I have not had the best of luck with rabbits either. However, one of ours that the pig let loose last summer is still around and has become a "barn bunny". She hangs out with the goats.

Phelan said...

Lisa, I thought I might be normal.

Donna, I haven't had tame meat in years, but I do remember it fondly.

Tim, I have no doubt that you guys will fill them all.

gina, I have no idea if this happens all the time. It did happen to us and we are having a heck of a time getting it off there. A barn bunny? too cute.

Rhonda Jean said...

You sound pretty normal to me.
Are you eating the rabbits? Sorry if you aren't, but if you are, it's a very sustainable form of animal protein. Good on you! I hope your Dad is feeling a bit better.

Phelan said...

When we get new rabbits, we have already informed the children that we will be eating them.

Sorry to confuse everyone, the rabbits in the pictures are the ones that died.

Maggie said...

You know whenever things are running a bit too smoothly I start to get nervous. I get real edgy if it has been a long stretch of clear blue so some chaos now and again seems to make me appreciate the normal routine that much more. Glad to hear your coming around the horn. Good luck with the bunnies:)

Stephanie Appleton said...

Oh they were cute. What kind of rabbits are you thinking of? We've had our share of frustrations with them so far, but hopefully there will be some meat this summer yet!

I'm not sure I want to fill all those jars. I'm thinking hot, back breaking work! :)

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