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Friday, May 11, 2007

The pepper

Treat your pepper in the same manner as your tomatoes.

Peppers are perennials if you live in all year warm climates.

6 pepper plants does our family of 5 just fine.

Some of my harvested peppers {and carrots} from last year


Caroline said...

Can you give me an idea of how tall a bell pepper plant gets? And, from what I read, this means I should also cage or stake my pepper plants, like the tomatoes? (I staked the tomatoes last year but I'll be caging them in 3-foot wire fencing this year.) Thanks for any help. This will be my first year with peppers.

Phelan said...

our bell peppers can get to about 5 feet in height, I tend to cage mine, they seem to do well that way. Peppers unlike tomatoes, like to grow up and not out on the ground. Peppers will grow centered in the cage, not really relying on it for help. {leaning on} Unless they start to get top heavy as my bannana peppers have in the past. As long as they are well watered and free of weeds, they take little maintence. For harvest, tap on them as you would in the grocery, listening for the hollow sound that comes with a ready pepper.

Hope that answers your question.

BarnGoddess said...

wow, those peppers look great! Im growing a few different pepper plants right now, I hope I dont end up killing them.....we love peppers, especially banana peppers (hubsfave too bad I didnt grow any!)

Caroline said...

Thanks *tons*, Phelan! I'm planting a variety of bell peppers (for the homemade salsa I make for DH) and some Hungarian paprika peppers for homemade paprika. This is excellent information!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Thanks for the info Phelan, but 5 feet? What are you feeding those fellas? I've never grown peppers, this is the first year (well, it's a first for a lot of things for me) and I didn't know they got so tall, so we'll see what height we get out of it.

Thanks for the harvest info, too!

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