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Friday, May 11, 2007

Low Impact Week

Sorry feed readers for the 3rd post, this is what happens when you read other peoples blogs after updating your own.

Crunchy Chicken is hosting Low Impact week. Though I will not be joining, I thought many of you might be interested, and I am supporting her and the others participating.

If you decide to sign up, let me know. I will be interested in hearing about how you make out.

I was just outside working in the garden, my mind wondering {so that I could ignore the pain and sweat} and thought if I was to host a challenge, what would it be? I came to the conclusion that it would be a Earn Your Own Way in This World challenge. Why, because I do not believe there is a way to leave no impact, you can lower of course. But the point of earning your own way, is that although you are leaving footprints left and right, you have more respect for where your food comes from, you clothing and such. Plus it's about self reliance. You will learn more about your immediate environment, and become just as selfish as us homesteaders.

That's what I would do for a challenge, but of course I am not hosting one. My readers are ones that want to learn just as I am. You are already participating in your own ways. And for that, you have earned my respect. Now go plant something!


Anonymous said...

My family was supposed to be participating in Low Impact Week, which for us included living without purchasing any plastic, platic wrap etc for a week. Last night my husband came home with brownie mix IN A BAG and left tonight to go watch the hockey game and GRAB A BOTTLE OF COKE. So 'how it's going' is entirely up to me. Which is good, because one is better than none! 2 days of no TV, no meat, no plastic, and a few other things, i'm loving it. Living according to your values is really rewarding.

Phelan said...

Gretchen, it takes time and small changes. Not everyone will just jump when told. But good on you for doing what you feel is right. Good luck with it all!

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