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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Quest for the Demon Donkey comes to an end

The last chapter
Meet Donkey. Isn't he cute?

Sombrea, the demon Donkey was hurt. She needed medical attention. As we walked away from her, we were suddenly offered a sheep. Marina and her husband felt bad about us driving up there for nothing. Now we have a sheep.

Sometime between January and March, Marina and her family will be visiting us, bringing along with them the jack or Jenny that will be born in a few months. We will have a donkey then.

Donkey was soon loaded up, after a struggle and we said good bye to everyone. My husband and I really wanted to stay longer, but work awaited us at home. We took a different way out.We decided to take a different highway, hoping that it would cut a little time off our travels and we could avoid the major cities. How wrong we were! We lost 3 hours because of the "small" towns and all their stop lights. We ended up cutting across Texas and headed to Temple.

We left Fort Worth with a souvenir.

Yes that is a WARNING ticket. Did I mention that the trailer didn't have tags on it?

We laughed about being pulled over. Here we made it through 3 states, cops behind us several times, no tags, no lights. We get lights and we get pulled over. I wanted to get a picture of the cop handing over the ticket, but I was a coward about asking. {the above picture has been altered to protect my husband}

Outside of OK City I got to drive.

"Driving that train, high on cocaine Casey Jones you better. . . Highway ends? HIGHWAY ENDS!" no, this highway isn't suppose to end. Yet, there was a sign stating that it does. Husband woke startled and promptly informed me that only twice in his life has he allowed a woman to drive on a trip, and twice he has woken to find himself somewhere where he wasn't suppose to be. ~sigh, jerk~

I turned around in downtown Edmond OK. Found the signs and lost an hour. I swear I followed the highway, never did I exit and never did I see any signs pointing a different direction to Wichita, Ks.

It was 3 am by the time we made it home. I hit the dirt rode, startling my husband who yelled, "Woman, get back on the road."

"Go back to sleep."

3am, we discovered our fields were flooded and there wasn't a way that we could drive up to the pen. It took us 30 minutes to drag that sheep named Donkey into the pen. The goats flipped out. It was 4am before we got to bed, our alarm went off at 530 am. ~yawn~

Donkey is doing great with our goats. They are still a little too jumpy for him, and he isn't sure about us. We thought with a little time he will be less skittish. My boys were a little disappointed, but excited about the seep and the fact that we will have the baby next year.


Anonymous said...

Trust you to go to Texas for a donkey and come back with a sheep. *grin*

Glad your computer is back up....I was wondering what happened to you.

Billy said...

Hooray! You brought back a sheep. Cool. Sorry to hear about the donkey. Can't wait to see the baby though.

Stephanie Appleton said...

What a story! What an adventure. Glad you got to bring something back home!

Robbyn said...

Awww, how neat! you'll get a sheep and a donkey

You can always name the donkey "sheep" and realllyyy confuse the kids, ha ;-)

April said...

I like your Donkey. I agree with Robbyn name the the donkey Sheep. Next time will you just go for a visit and get your animals in Kansas?

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your adventurous story and that is great about the sheep. :)

Maggie said...

A sheep named Donkey magnificent. Quite a road trip huh? Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

glad you made it home ok

Anonymous said...

FYI, Before anyone gets upset, we followed all the state rules about animals coming into the state. The trailer is registered, it just didn't have the tags on it. {My brother in law got an earful about that} The trailer did not block the trucks lights, so you could see when we were turning and stopping, and there was reflecters on the trailer.

lisa said...

Hopefully your sheep named 'donkey' doesn't use his horns for evil, or you really WILL have a "demon donkey"!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant story.

Phelan said...

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Part 2

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