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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am going to complain,

My shoulders are screaming. You do not under any circumstances mix wet, cold weather, bad shoulders and scythe work.

I went and tried using my Christmas present for the first time yesterday. The mighty pampas won. I had to stop only half way through the plant. I think sharpening the blade will help a bit.

This was what I was afraid of . . .

My peach tree. The blossoms have been killed.

One of my grapes, all of them look like this. I am hopeful everything will bounce back. But I am cautiously so.

All my broccoli and cabbage plants are dead. My potatoes are snug under a thick layer of straw. But one never knows what will happen.

Today I will be heading into town to buy donkey supplies. I have my list, now let's see if anyone has them.


Gerkin Pickle said...

My rhubarb bit the dust as well as the little bit of cool weather vegetables we had coming up. I am not sure about the flowers but I am guessing they are toast too. I hope your potatoes are ok...I haven't planted mine yet.

lisa said...

We are getting snowfall now to cover and kill all spring buds, and it sucks! Hope your stuff bounces back okay. I have to ask-exactly what are "donkey supplies"? Good luck with her, BTW....I doubt she's a demon, likely just strong-willed. Personally, I like animals with spunk...and I can relate to a bitch just fine! ;)

Phelan said...

gherkin pickle, sorry to hear that. It's so sad that everything that should survive isn't.


hoof pick

Surform shaving tool

Kopatox, Foot Rot spray, Jeye's Fluid, Stockholm Tar, or copper sulphate


brushing gloves

comb meant for carding fleece wool



halter and lead rope


that would be todays list of needed donkey supplies.

lisa said...

Sounds like a comprehensive list! Donkey's getting a good home for sure!

Marina said...

What, no hat? ;)

Planting carrots soon?

Phelan said...

Lisa, I hope she likes it here.

Marina, oh! You had to go and bring that up. Now I am going to have to find one. What do I need to bring with me?

Carla said...

Sorry to hear about your peach tree. The weather has been most temperamental this too.

Maggie said...

Sorry to hear bout your losses. I remember well the fear of a late frost. May the rest of your tendings flourish!!! I can't wait to hear about how the new Donkey is working out. Heard he is a handful.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Sorry about the peaches. Hopefully everything else will bounce back okay. Wishing warmer weather for you...

Marina said...

Don't worry about the hat--I'll go find one at the thrift store on Friday. We'll also send her home with a big bag o'carrots.

I'd say bring the lead rope. If you're going to stop (on the way back) long enough for her to eat/drink, bring a few buckets for that (we'll give you the sweet feed she's used to).

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Really ought to go to bed, but if I do that, it'll wake S, who will get v. cranky. Guess it's the futon for me tonight.

Jeff Roberts said...

Shoulders...ouch. If you're at all susceptible to bursitis this is a wicked time of year with the changeable weather and lots of little muscles you haven't used since the fall.

Hope the plants bounce back, I've got some new trees out and I'm curiouse to see how they fare.

Robbyn said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the plants and weather stresses. I've never scythed before, but I know pampas can be tough stuff. When I was growing up we used a tool to clear tough underbrush I haven't seen since, though I know there must be some out there. (if only my folks had bought a goat):)

One tool we called a kaiser blade and the other we called a swing blade, though I have no idea what their real names were. The kaiser blade had a heavy curved blade and the swing blade had two zig-zagged edges. Whew were we sore after using them!

Wonder if your scythe might have worked just as well or better! :)

Anonymous said...

Carla, I norml spring would be nice,once in awhile.

Maggie, thank you.

CC, thank you.

Jeff, I don't but my husband does. It can be painful. And let us know how your trees do.

Robbyn, I love the scythe, but man does it hurt after awhile.

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