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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As I bit into the nectarine,

While at the farm store last week, I noticed something very odd. They had a Naval orange tree for sale. These trees tend not to survive temperatures under 30F. This tree was outside, not in a green house, and I am sure it didn't survive this cold snap.

I digress, I was going to tell you about Nectarines. They are glorified Peaches, so please refer to my peach post for planting and care.

Nectarines can be planted from seed, but you are running the risk of getting peaches instead. Sometimes your nectarine will produce both peaches and nectarines at the same time, this is something Darwin called Bud Mutation.

That was a short post. . . any questions?


Alexandra said...

No questions, but thanks for the reminder to plant more fruit trees. We are in zone 8(just barely), and can grow some tropical type fruit trees without the fear of frost killing them.

I have one fruit of those trees which is suppose to produce several different fruit(a grafted tree?). Okay I do have a question. ;) This is the third year, but no fruit yet. Hopefully this year we'll see some.

Anonymous said...

alexandra, you're welcome.

Yes, that will be a grafted tree. I picked up a 3 in 1 pear the other day.

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