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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday BlogRoll call

My Husband had a birthday yesterday, today we are having a party. If you are in the area, come on by, all I ask is that you bring along a side dish.

What!?! You can't make it? Well how about a blog crawl instead?

Crunchy Chicken is a nice pub ran by Deanna. She’s an experimental owner, trying out new things and hoping that she gets a few opinions.

Green, Blue, Brown is a comfy little tavern. You'll need to go into the back, there is a small table were the farmers have their small talk. No worries, I'm sure e4 will be happy to pour you a drink.

Happy hearts at home belongs to Alexandra. Her pothouse might only serve you hot cocoa to drink, but you are sure to find plenty of bread and beans at a frugal lover's price.

C's Life happens to be a café owned by Celeste. There are plenty of pictures hanging on the walls, and conversations glittered with a variety of emotions to keep you company.

Enjoy your crawl. Tell them Phelan sent you, and maybe they will give you a drink on the house.


Billy said...

I saw two guys with young boys on their bikes this evening and I thought of you and your family. I took a picture which I am putting on my blog this evening. Hope your hubby had a great birthday!

Alexandra said...

Thanks for linking! I like your blog. :)

Celeste said...

I'm blushing!

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