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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Make it from Scratch

Make it from Scratch Sunday presents;

Rooster noodle soup.

This is an older post about my first time making and canning my home made/grown rooster soup.

Warning! It contains pictures.


Donna. W said...

When I make noodles, I do it like Grandma and Mother did: I roll them up, cut them like cinnamon rolls, then unroll each noodle (or have grandkids do it, they love that job).

Wendy said...

I used to make noodles using a rolling pin and knife. Mine were always very wet, and never very thin - almost dumpling-like in texture, but it's my children's favorite meal. Now, I use my pasta maker to roll and cut the noodles, but my nine year old likes the noodles lasagna-sized :). I'll have to try canning it. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Billy said...

I wish I just had time to cook more. I would love to try some recipes of yours. Are you keeping all of your recipes in some sort of a cookbook?

Celeste said...

I will have to try noodles. Question..... how do you kill your rooster? And get feathers off? I know of several ways...

Anonymous said...

donna, that sounds like a great idea. Will have to try that out, thank you.

Wendy, I know it's hard to get them thin enough. I was very grateful when I got my past roller/cutter.

Abbagirl, no, no cookbook at this time. if you click on the tage recipes you can find several here. Also on the side bar there is a link for food articles I have written, all have recipes with them.

Celeste, the story of my first time can be found here; Butchering your own chicken

We use a block with two nails about 2 iches apart to butcher. Keeps them still. I use hot water to clean the feathers. So far it has been the best method for us. !!& in one day!?! my goodness! Are you sick of eating chicken yet?

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